Bonus Material: Ex-Barcelona Owners Add Competition to Spain’s Ebook Market

In Discussion by Emily Williams

By Emily Williams


Spain’s Big Three — Planeta, Random House Mondadori, and Santillana — may be forming their own digital distribution company (see article), but they haven’t scared off competition. Two former owners of Catalonia’s Barça soccer team are partnering with educational publisher and distributor Vicens Vives and cooperative retailer and distributor Abacus to form their own digital distribution company, 36-L.  In keeping with the cooperative values of Abacus, this group advocates a non-exclusive model whereby digital distributors would be able to share content with each other through bilateral agreements; a position not favored by the major publishers (who of course control a great deal more or their own content).  36-L is also preparing a Christmas season launch, with plans to sell ereaders as a one-time purchase, packaged with three ebooks of the shopper’s choice, or under two different subscription models: at €9.99/month for frequent readers, with ebooks priced at €1.99, or €19.99/month for “super readers”, with ebooks priced at €.99, both with a contract commitment of 18 months.

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