Bonus Material: Don’t You Wish Your Book Fest Was Hot Like Me

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Where would you rather hear authors read: In a fluorescent-lit lecture hall in some damp college town or on the beach in Brazil?

Known colloquially as FLIP, the Festa Literaria Internacional de Parati has been taking place since 2003 in the colonial seaside town of Paraty – a place so beautiful it is in the running to become a World Heritage Site.

This year’s festival took place from July 1-5 and featured a stunning array of talent from across the globe, including Portugal’s Antonio Lobo Antunes, Afghanistan’s Atiq Rahimi, Ireland’s Anne Enright, and China’s Xinran and Ma Jian. Notable Brazilians in attendance included novelist and songwriter Chico Buarque and movie director Domingos de Oliveira.

Each year the event honors a single author and this year highlighted Brazilian poet Manual Bandeira. Many of the events are available online, as videos or podcasts.

I have been told it is one of the most enjoyable book events anywhere (invite, anyone?). Next year, I won’t miss it.

VISIT: FLIP’s English language Web site.

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