Bonus Material: Away We Go

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By Edward Nawotka

In 2007 the indie movie Juno, about a quirky pregnant teenager, went on to earn an astonishing $250 million worldwide.  Away We Go could easily be its sequel: The film stars John Krasinski (from the American version of The Office television show) and comedienne Maya Rudolph as a thirtysomething couple who, six months pregnant with their first child, set out from their home in Colorado on a road trip to discover the best place in the United States to raise their family.

Written by novelists Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, the husband-and-wife writing team who also brought you McSweeney’s and The Believer, the movie was directed by Oscar-winner Sam Mendes. With a pedigree like that, it might just have the formula to become the sleeper hit of the summer.


Away We Go opens in US theaters this Friday, June 5. International release dates include: UK, June 17;  (Edinburgh Film Festival); Greece, June 25; Israel, July 23; Czech Republic, July 30; Finland, July 31; Netherlands, August 13; UK, Sept. 18; Portugal, Sept. 24; Norway, Oct. 2; Belgium, Oct. 14; Sweden, Oct. 16; and Romania, Oct. 30.

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