Bonus Material: A Cure for Your Bloomsday Hangover

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

DublinAs a proud graduate of the University College, Dublin – the Alma Mater of James Joyce – I feel it’s my responsibility to offer advice to all those late night revelers who took the occasion of yesterday’s 105th anniversary of Bloomsday to go out and toss back a pint or two of plain on how to rid yerself of that nasty post-Bloomsday hangover: ¬†Aye, indulge a bit more – not in Guinness, but Joyce. (I’ll stop the faux Oirish).

My suggestion, give a listen to the inimitable David Norris – gay rights activist, actor and Irish Senator – whose one-man show, “Do You Hear What I’m Seeing,” is one of the most enlightening and enjoyable programs on Joyce’s life and writing you’ll find anywhere.

LISTEN: To a free archived edition of Norris’ show from the Lannan Foundation.

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