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International Publishing NewsWe are proud to announce the launch of Publishing Perspectives, an online newsletter focused on bringing you the latest international publishing news and opinions. Read about our newsletter and philosophy, or scroll further down to watch videos from our team.

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Get perspective

An international online publishing newsletter, Publishing Perspectives delivers daily opinion about the industry from top members of the global publishing community, a look at the innovators and issues who are shaping the future of the business, as well as news and links from around the Web and the world.

Think global

Our focus is on international publishing – from New York to London, Beijing to Buenos Aires – so by subscribing, you’ll be privy to a unique, one-of-a-kind look at the global publishing business. Be the first to learn of how changes in China (or Brazil or South Africa) may affect your future. Discover new companies to work with, individuals to collaborate with and potential partners you might never ever have heard of elsewhere.

Use the news

Delivered Monday through Friday, our email newsletter contains stories that are fully “actionable,” meaning you’ll find links to relevant sites, contacts, and ways to follow-up on what you’ve just read. We hope that by doing more than just delivering news, we can help you develop stronger publishing relationships across the globe and enable you to have a more successful business.

Go beyond books

Publishers and affiliated professionals, from agents to bloggers, are working on far more than just producing and selling books (or e-books, for that matter). They’re involved in everything from bookselling to broadcasting, event planning to logistics, in both the real and virtual worlds. We’ll look at each of these aspects and more, from practitioners across the world, each with their own distinct perspective. Technology too is having a radical effect on the way we spend our work day, and we’ll be there too, with coverage of the latest gizmos and gadgets – whether an e-book reader, POD device, or a piece of software to make your life easier.

By professionals for professionals

Publishing Perspectives is a project of the German Book Office, a subsidiary of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Edited by industry specialist Ed Nawotka, with contributions from reporters around the world, our newsletter benefits from access to the very best minds in the business, as well as those up-and-coming, wherever they might emerge.

Let’s collaborate

The global publishing community means you. We want to write about what interests you most – so tell us. News isn’t a one way mirror. We’re open to direction from you and want you to contribute your comments on our reporting, offer tips and tell us where you think things are going. Visit our Contact Us page and start collaborating!

Our Team:

Riky Stock, Publishing Director

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Hannah Johnson


Hannah Johnson is the Publisher of Publishing Perspectives. Before joining PP in 2009, she worked as Project Manager at the German Book Office New York.