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Issues on the Ether: How Is Self-Publishing Maturing?

4 February 2014 iStock_000002845516Small photog PacaYPalla texted story image

This week’s Publishing Perspective’s #EtherIssue looks at the debate about quality and changing perceptions of the self-publishing community in the broader market.

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How Developing Markets Fuel Wattpad’s Explosive Growth

Allen Lau, Wattpad

Markets often overlooked by Western publishers — like the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudia Arabia, Romania — are proving powerhouses for Wattpad says CEO Allen Lau.

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Wattpad’s Infographic on the Past, Present and Future of Fan Fiction

Wattpad Fanfiction Infographic

Wattpad offers a look at the past, present and future of fan fiction, from Jane Austen fanfic in the 1850s to new formats like celebrity characters and crossover stories.

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Atwood Collaborates on Serialized Zombie Novel for Wattpad

wattpad mobile app

Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman will cowrite a serialized new zombie novel for e-publisher Wattpad. The first three chapters are already available.

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DISCUSS: How Can E-Books Revolutionize Literacy and Publishing in Africa?

E-books can reach people in Africa who might otherwise never get books. Some even say the Internet represents “Africa’s Gutenberg Moment.” By Edward Nawotka Today’s […]

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Creating Free Content to Sell More Content: A Good Idea or Not?

By Hannah Johnson At the Mediabistro eBook Summit, held yesterday in New York City, book marketing dominated the morning sessions. But nobody was talking about […]

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Does Java-based E-Reading Still Have Potential in North America and Europe?

By Edward Nawotka Today’s lead story looks at Wattpad’s global growth, particularly in Southeast Asia, where the majority of users continue to rely on feature […]

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By Sticking with Java, E-Book Publisher Wattpad Exhibits Huge International Growth

• In August, Wattpad published usage analytics for downloads and readers of the company’s ebooks. The report covers desktop usage, as well as some 1,000 […]

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Spanish E-books Go Mobile with Telecom Giant Telefónica

By Emily Williams Spanish telecom giant Telefónica and the Spanish Association of Publishers’ Guilds shook hands on a deal that allows the publishers to avail […]

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What’s the Buzz: Wattpad in India; LeWeb Conference in Paris; Hans Georg Heepe Obituary

By Hannah Johnson and Siobhan O’Leary Wattpad, which has dubbed itself “the world’s most popular ebook community,” is making headlines with the announcement that its […]

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