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Amazon Returns Fire: The Battle With Hachette and Authors United Continues

Amazon Vs. Hachette

Amazon has responded to an open letter by Authors United, signed by 900-plus authors in support of Hachette, with their own open letter, Readers United.

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One Point on Which Jeff Bezos and Scott Turow Agree

Scott Turow

In the film Out of Print, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and author Scott Turow are often adversaries. But they at least come close to agreement on one point.

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Review: Out of Print, a Film by Vivienne Roumani

Out of Print

Out of Print, the film documentary by Vivienne Roumani about the state-of-affairs in the book business and the culture of reading in America circa 2013, is worth seeking out.

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Augmented Reality and the Future of Publishing


Publishing consultant Bruce Harris sees numerous opportunities for publisher to use augmented reality, which he calls ‘a true amalgamation of digital and print.’

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A Pro-Gun Book…for Kids? Oh No? Oh Yes.

cover my parents open carry

Even children’s books aren’t immune to hot-button politics, as members of the pro-gun lobby has penned a controversial kids book advocating open carry laws.

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Setting Expectations Before You Publish Your Book

Colleen Devine Ellis

What are your wildest dreams for success for you and your book? If you don’t define them, they will never come true, writes Colleen Devine Ellis.

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August’s Top Reviews of Self-published Books from BlueInk Review

BlueInk Review

This month’s selection of reviews from BlueInk Review, a service which reviews self-published books, includes a dystopian thriller and an intelligent detective story.

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FastPencil Offers Self-publishing Services to Evernote Users

Fast Pencil

FastPencil partnered with Evernote to offer the ability to self-publish Evernote notes as print and ebooks, as well as offer distribution and sales.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Taryn Fagerness

Taryn Fagerness started her own literary agency in 2009

Taryn Fagerness, a literary agent in Washington, talks about her recent success with author Matthew Dicks and how she’s optimistic about the digital future of publishing.

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Adventures in Translating Hungary’s Laszlo Krasznahorkai

Ottillie Mulzet

This year’s Best Translated Book Award went to Ottilie Mulzet for her translation of Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s Seiobo There Below. Here she discusses the challenges of the three year process.

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