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Just 54% of Americans Read a Book Last Year, says NEA

man reading a book

A new survey by the NEA reveals that a mere 54% of Americans read any kind of book last year, print or digital.

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How Are Famous Fictional Characters Reacting to Scout’s Return?

Scout Finch is coming back as a grown up woman.

Roger Tagholm imagines how other characters from fiction would react to the news that Harper Lee is giving Scout Finch a second chance at life.

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The Advent of Robojournalism and Robowriting


Robotic writing software is now capable of producing acceptable news stories based on published reports and media outlets are beginning to rely on them.

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Judith Gurewich on Why Americans Don’t Read Translated Fiction

flags of the world

The Daily Beast talks with Judith Gurewich about why translations are not popular in the US. Her answer: “America is a puzzle of very complicated groups.”

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The Mobile Story for Publishers: Told in Key Stats

Thad McIlroy

Thad McIlroy offers some statistics and key data on smartphones and tablets to help book publishers figure out how to address mobile technology.

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HarperCollins to Publish 2m Copies of New Harper Lee Novel

Harper Lee

HarperCollins will publish 2 million copies of “Go Set a Watchman,” a novel Harper Lee wrote in the 1950s and then “put aside.” This new book comes out on July 14.

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Is Your Editor Worth It? Or Not?

Jim Dempsey is an associate editor at

If you’re thinking of employing an editor for your novel, take a look at this detailed list to help you decide if the editor is worth it. Or not.

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Why “Gone Girl?” Why Not “Gone Woman?”

The Girl on the Train

When it comes to titling fiction why is there such a preference for the word “girl” over “woman”?

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So You Want to Be a Famous Self-Published Author?

Warren Adler is best known for his novel "The War of the Roses"

Veteran author Warren Adler offers a reality check for would-be authors who believe fame and fortune is just a book away.

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Amazon Pursues Education Market with Kindle Textbook Creator

kindle textbook creator

Amazon has launched a new tool for authors to create and sell digital textbooks. But there are questions about royalty rates on higher priced e-textbooks.

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