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Publishing Picasso in the “Infinite Real Estate of Digital”

MoMA Picasso Ebook

After 18 months clearing rights, at a cost of some $25k, the Museum of Modern Art has put out the first interactive ebook featuring the work of Picasso.

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MoMA on Marketing Art Books and Reaching Enthusiasts

Charles Kim, Associate Publisher, Museum of Modern Art

Marketing museum and art books offers you an unique opportunity to tap into existing audiences who have already demonstrated an enthusiasm for your product.

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TombQuest: Scholastic’s Newest Multi-Platform Series

Tombquest Small

Following on the success of The 39 Clues, Infinity Ring and Spirit Animals, Scholastic is launching its latest multi-platform series for kids: Tombquest.

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Amazon Appeals Directly to Hachette’s Authors


The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has gone directly to authors ‘hoping to gain hearts and minds – and leverage’ in its dispute with Hachette.

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Kathy Page on Writing About Prison and Transgender Issues

Kathy Page's "Alphabet" is a piercing examination of one man's identity issues.

Kathy Page’s novel, Alphabet, offers a piercing examination and description of one man’s identity issues and the impact of incarceration on the human spirit.

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Korean Literature Needs More Skilled Translators

South Korea

The lack of skilled translators who can ‘properly translate Korean literary works into English’ as the ‘biggest handicap in the globalization of Korean literature.’

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July’s Top Reviews of Self-published Books from BlueInk Review

Green Novel

Our monthly selection of reviews from BlueInk Review, a service which reviews self-published books, stars a novel about friendship, golf and race in 1969, among others.

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Are African Writers Trumping African-American Authors?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie © Karen Jackson

In the NYTimes, Felicia R. Lee asks if the ‘new wave of African writers’ with an international appeal are drawing attention away from African-American voices.

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Amazon Goes to the WSJ to Defend Itself

Russ Grandinetti, VP of Kindle Content

In the WSJ, Amazon’s Russ Grandinetti ‘defended the company against criticism that it is using its growing clout in electronic books to bully a major publisher.’

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Does The Future of Reading Include E-Readers?

ebook digital publishing ereader

In New York Magazine, Kevin Roose states: ‘Software is eating the world. It’s also eating the book.’ He also doubts the future of dedicated e-readers.

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