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Open Letter Book’s Chad Post on the State of Translation

Chad Post

Three Percent and Open Letter Books publisher Chad Post talks with Caitlyn Christensen at Sampsonia Way about the contemporary literary scene, publishing and translation.

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Should the Young Adult Book Category Be Rebranded?

The "Young Adult" moniker is disliked by both teen readers and adult fans.

The book term ‘young adult’ is generally disliked by both teen readers and adult fans. But is there a better alternative?

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Forget Your Preconceptions About Teenagers and Reading

nielsen square

The children’s book market has grown 44% in the last decade. Why? Because, as Nielsen’s Children’s Book Summit detailed, kids and teens still read — a lot.

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Hispabooks: Spain Beyond Orwell and Hemingway

Hispabooks Logo

Madrid’s Hispabooks is at the vanguard of bringing modern Spanish authors and books to English-language readers.

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Can an Oil-and-Gas Exec Disrupt the Book Business?

Gordon Ross wants to disrupt the book business.

Bangkok-based Gordon Ross says disrupting the book industry is a business challenge, and has launched Bleeding Heart Publications to test his instincts.

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Hachette Tests if Gumroad Can Sell Books on Twitter


Hachette has partnered with Gumroad, a company that enables direct sales through Twitter, to see if the social media platform can sell books.

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If Ebooks are Software, It’s Time for Version 2.0

Ben Denckla

Low-cost ebook conversions enabled massive growth of the market, but there were many errors. It’s now time to upgrade those ebooks to a higher quality.

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December 2014 Top Reviews of Self-published Books from BlueInk Review

Angelina's Secret

Our monthly selection of reviews from BlueInk Review, a service which reviews self-published books, includes several nonfiction titles in history, science and more.

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The Strange Beauty of Murkami’s “The Strange Library”

murakami uk cover

The hardcover edition of Haruki Murakami’s new short novel, The Strange Library, earned raves for both the text and the design.

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Integrating Libraries and Bookstores: In Theory

Integrating bookstores into libraries would help both survive, particularly in underserved communities.

Deborah Emin, publisher of Sullivan Street Press, offers a theoretical plan for saving bookstores and making libraries more robust.

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