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The Bunker Diary’s Carnegie Medal: The Debate Continues

Kevin Brooks, author of "The Bunker Diary"

The debate over Kevin Brooks winning Carnegie Medal for his dark YA novel The Bunker Diary continues, with many calling the book “sickening.”

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Kids Book Wins Award, Starts Controversy

Bunker Diary

After Kevin Brook’s The Bunker Diary won the UK’s Carnegie Medal, insiders debated whether it’s appropriate to honor such a disturbing book.

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Amazon Demands New Terms from UK Publishers


The Bookseller reports that Amazon is making new demands on UK publishers, including the right to deliver POD titles to customers should a book be out of stock.

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Shortlist for the 2014 Encore Award Honors Second Novels

cover the luminaries

Six novels have been shortlisted for the 2014 Encore Book Award, which honors outstanding second novels. The list includes The Luminaries, This is the Way, and others.

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Introducing Your Publishing World Cup “Dream Team”

Charlie Redmayne, standing 6' 5" and one of the few former military men to run a publishing house, would be an intimidating presence in the net.

Who would you have on a book business World Cup dream team? Who would you place up front? On the bench? As manager We humbly submit our own selections.

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Doctorow on the Dangers Posed by Ebook DRM Dictators

Writing in a digital age

Citing the Amazon-Hachette dispute, Cory Doctorow addressed the Writing in the Digital Age conference with an impassioned called to fight ebook DRM.

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Are Digital Distractions Monopolizing Reading Time?

Steve Bohme

Books do furnish a room, but according to many in the publishing industry, the fear is that emails, online video texts and tweets will prevent them being read.

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Why Climate Fiction Has Gone Viral

Author Dan Bloom has been at the forefront of actively promoting "cli-fi" as its own literary genre.

The literary genre cli-fi, or climate fiction, is booming as the true risks to humanity from global climate change become more prevalent.

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Amazon Responsible for Huge Share of Hachette Ebook Sales

hachette logo

Amazon is responsible for 78% for Hachette ebook sales in the UK, and 60% in the United States — which makes the company especially vulnerable.

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6 Reasons Why English Writers Should Self-publish in Germany

Leonie Langer

The German ebook self-publishing market is exploding and here are 6 reasons why smart English-speaking writers should take advantage of the opportunity.

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