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UK’s Oral Storytelling Renaissance Spans Clubs, Books

The Moth Book

Curators of oral storytelling series in the UK discuss how the form is a reaction to our increasingly digital world — and how it intersects with publishing.

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Man Booker Shortlist Features 3 Brits, 2 Americans, 1 Aussie

Man Booker Prize

Three Brits, two Americans, one Aussie make the cut for this year’s Man Booker Prize shortlist, the first year non-Commonwealth authors have been eligible.

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What a Typical Week Looks Like at One UK Literary Agency

Andrew Lownie

UK literary agency Andrew Lownie outlines the range of activities he is involved with in a typical agency week, from the mundane and routine, to the offbeat and extraordinary.

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Why So Few US Translations of South Asian Lit? (Continued)

asia globe

At Asymptote, Mahmud Rahman discusses why South Asian literary translation is hamstrung by a lack of institutional support and a dearth of competent translators.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Madeleine Milburn, UK

Madeleine Millburn, literary agent in London, UK

Madeleine Millburn, a literary agent from London, offers her view on which international markets offer the most opportunities and how digital publishing has impacted the rights business.

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Author Malorie Blackman on Diversity in Children’s Books

Marjorie Blackman small

UK author Marjorie Blackman laments the lack of diversity in children’s books, noting that ‘books allow you to see the world through the eyes of others.’

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Want to Open Your Own Independent UK Bookstore?

Richard Kemp wants YOU to open a bookstore.

Richard Kemp has opened 3 independent UK bookstores and wants to help others open 1,000 more. Here are his top tips for getting started.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Clare Wallace, UK

Clare Wallace, literary agent at the Darley Anderson agency in London

Clare Wallace of the Darley Anderson Literary Agency in London talks about digitization has changed the book rights business and what opportunities lie ahead.

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UK Readers Fall in Love With Translations

The Collini Case, a translated mystery from Germany, has been especially popular in the UK.

The Observer notes that British readers appear to be buying more translated fiction than in the past, and not just Scandinavian thrillers. Could this be the start of something bigger?

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Oh Captain, My Captain: On Robin Williams and Literature

Dead Poets Society

Roger Tagholm looks back at how Robin Williams brought moments of poetry and literature to life for a generation, instilling them in the popular culture.

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