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Stop Trying to Sell Rights to Us!

Richard Charkin, Executive Director of Bloomsbury, delivers the keynote speech at Frankfurt's Rights Directors Meeting.

Non-English language publishers should publish in English themselves, argues Bloomsbury’s Richard Charkin in his keynote speech at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Q&A with Richard Charkin, Future IPA President

Richard Charkin

Richard Charkin, CEO of Bloomsbury and future president of the International publishers association, on copyright, authors and international rights.

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Are the Goldsmiths and Folio Prizes Changing the Game?

The Folio Prize

At the New Statesman, Leo Robson examined the Goldsmiths and Folio Prizes and how they are ‘changing the literary landscape.’

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Life and Death at Frankfurt

Barbara Zitwer

Literary agent Barbara J. Zitwer reflects on the pivotal role the Frankfurt Book Fair has played in her life and career.

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Visiting the Tbilisi International Literature Festival

Sridhar Gowda

Literary agents Geraldine Rose and Sridhar Gowda of Kadalu recount their experience visiting the leading literary event in Georgia, which was full of surprises.

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Does British Humor Translate Across the Pond?

Angus Thong and Full Frontal Snogging

Do American readers really need a glossary to help define colloquial British words and phrases, particularly ones that signal humor?

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Denmark’s Schilling Asks Publishing Executives to Dream Big

Shilling White Paper Logo

In its new white paper, Danish publishing consultancy Schilling challenged executives to answer “what should a publishing company built from scratch look like?”

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Honoring Women’s Books in Translation: It’s Time

Katy Derbyshire

Writing on the blog Love German Books, translator Katy Derbyshire makes the call for a prize honoring women authors in translation.

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Can Russia Curb Its Cultural PR Problem with Cash?

Russian Flag

Russia is looking at investing some $210 million to foster more translation and counter the decline in interest in its literature as a result of poor, post-Soviet PR.

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UK Publishing Crowd Gathers in London to Discuss Self-Publishing

Orna Ross

Self-publishing pros observed that the self-publishing vs. traditional publishing debate may be moot: it’s all publishing. But what you want from it depends on you.

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