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UK Readers Fall in Love With Translations

The Collini Case, a translated mystery from Germany, has been especially popular in the UK.

The Observer notes that British readers appear to be buying more translated fiction than in the past, and not just Scandinavian thrillers. Could this be the start of something bigger?

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Oh Captain, My Captain: On Robin Williams and Literature

Dead Poets Society

Roger Tagholm looks back at how Robin Williams brought moments of poetry and literature to life for a generation, instilling them in the popular culture.

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Word of Mouth for Books, Courtesy of Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson, as if you didn't know.

Lee Child suggested on UK TV that for book distribution his publisher could ‘hire Scarlett Johansson to go round and whisper it in your ear.’ What if?

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Virtual Book Festivals Run By Major Publishers Take Off in UK

Romance Festival

HarperCollins UK’s June virtual Romance Festival was a success; this week SF publisher Gollancz is hosting a festival combining online Q&As with real life events.

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Author Lindsey Kelk on Participating in a Virtual Book Festival

Lindsey Kelk

Lindsey Kelk, the bestselling British Chick-Lit author, participated in HarperCollins’ virtual Romance Festival. Here she reflects on the experience.

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Why Amazon Was Right to Explain Who George Orwell Is

George Orwell, as if you didn't know already.

Roger Tagholm offers brief defense of that irksome phrase in Amazon’s Reader’s United letter, the part where they refer to ‘the famous author George Orwell.’

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How Book Prizes Boost Literary Talent Internationally

Cathryn Summerhayes

Focusing on the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize, WME literary agent Cathryn Summerhayes argues that book prizes are key to spotlighting talent for the global market.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Jonathan Lyons of Curtis Brown

Jonathan Lyons

In charge of Curtis Brown’s translation rights department, agent Jonathan Lyons talks here about the challenges and opportunities in today’s book publishing industry.

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Noirwich: A New Crime Writing Festival Comes to the Literary City of Norwich

noirwich square

The city of Norwich will host its first Noirwich Crime Writing Festival, featuring internationally known authors al McDermid, Sophie Hannah, John Harvey, Eva Dolan, and Meg Abbott.

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2014 Man Booker Prize Longlist Features 4 Yanks

Man Booker Prize

The first Man Booker Prize longlist after opening to world English writers includes books by four Americans, six Brits, two Irish writers and one Australian.

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