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Hogarth Shakespeare Series Adds to Its Illustrious Roster

Edward St Aubyn

Edward St. Aubyn, author of the critically acclaimed Patrick Melrose series, has joined the Hogarth Shakespeare series to retell King Lear.

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The Pidgeonhole Library, a young, digital-only publisher in the UK, is commissioning new fiction, refashioning classics, and offering their ebooks via serialization and subscription.

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Patterson Tops UK’s Most Borrowed Library Books of 2013-2014

James Patterson tops the list of the UK's most borrowed book by library users.

The Guardian breaks down the numbers from this year’s report on the most borrowed books by UK library users, a list topped by titles from James Patterson.

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The Perils of Seeing Fifty Shades of Grey…Alone…in the UK

Roger Tagholm, not Christian Grey (sorry, ladies...)

Our very proper UK correspondent attends a morning screening of Fifty Shades of Grey alone and finds he is more red-cheeked than the characters on-screen.

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2015 UK Folio Prize Shortlist Includes African, Kenyan

The Folio Prize

The eight authors shortlisted for the 2015 Folio prize hail from around the world: North America, the UK, Ireland, Kenya and India

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How Are Famous Fictional Characters Reacting to Scout’s Return?

Scout Finch is coming back as a grown up woman.

Roger Tagholm imagines how other characters from fiction would react to the news that Harper Lee is giving Scout Finch a second chance at life.

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The Advent of Robojournalism and Robowriting


Robotic writing software is now capable of producing acceptable news stories based on published reports and media outlets are beginning to rely on them.

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Will Robots Soon Customize Books for an Audience of One?

LabSense Book

In a short time automated robot authoring tools might take customization to a new level, leaping from producing stories and journalism to full books.

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HarperCollins to Publish 2m Copies of New Harper Lee Novel

Harper Lee

HarperCollins will publish 2 million copies of “Go Set a Watchman,” a novel Harper Lee wrote in the 1950s and then “put aside.” This new book comes out on July 14.

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Is Your Editor Worth It? Or Not?

Jim Dempsey is an associate editor at

If you’re thinking of employing an editor for your novel, take a look at this detailed list to help you decide if the editor is worth it. Or not.

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