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Ebooks Still Lack a Category Defining Storytelling Experience

Burning the Page

Surveying the ebook discussions at BookExpo America, it’s clear that despite their popularity, ebooks still lack their own category of breakthrough storytelling experiences.

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Matt Costello on StoryDrive China and the Future of Storytelling

Matt Costello

Ideas not technology should lead story development in the digital age, says multiplatform creator Matt Costello, a featured speaker at next week’s StoryDrive China conference.

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Is Interactive Fiction Finally Reaching Critical Mass?

the black crown project

Several new high profile interactive fiction titles have been released so far this year, suggesting that publishers and readers may finally be ready for the medium.

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Why Interactive Fiction is “Just Really Hard to Do”

The Numinous Place aims to capture and play with our conflicting realities, both physical and digital.

Despite celebrity backing, transmedia platform The Numinous Place has struggled to launch. Its story offers a case study in the challenges of developing interactive fiction.

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How Should Authors Envision the Digital Novel?

laptop screen glow

The digital novel offers authors a myriad of new storytelling opportunities. With so many choices, authors will have to re-think how they conceive of their books.

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The Publisher’s Anxiety at the Electronic Book

Beside Myself

Despite the advances in digital books and storytelling technology, Penguin executive Jeff Gomez says that publishers have so far focused on the wrong things.

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How James Frey’s “IP Factory” is Re-imagining Book Packaging

James Frey has successfully reinvented himself and, in some ways, publishing

In a surprise second act James Frey’s Full Fathom Five is successfully re-imagining the author/publisher relationship and book packaging for the 21st century.

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Survey: Have You Ever Bought and Read a Transmedia Book?

question mark survey

When it comes to multimedia and transmedia books, have you ever bought and read one? Do you buy them routinely? Take our survey and let us know.

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Despite Promise, Transmedia Publishing Still Mostly a Mess

Clockwork Orange App

Publishers still can’t quite work out what to do with the transmedia form, but they are trying. Some pioneers are slowly building a secret world of new literature.

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Dunham’s $3.7m Advance: Everything Wrong With Publishing Today?

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham, creator of HBO’s Girls, signed a $3.7 million book deal with Random House. Rob Spillman says it is emblematic of all that is wrong with corporate publishing today.

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