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How Can Publishers and Translators Meet More Efficiently?

Ross Ufberg

Ross Ufberg of New Vessel Press laments the lack of an efficient online service to match translators and publishers — and proposes a solution:

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Five Experts Discuss Asian Translation and Translators


The Asian Review of Books, recently invited 5 experts to discuss translations and the role they play in bringing Asian literature to English-speaking readers.

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Two Industries, One Job Market: Book Translation in the US vs. UK

international books

Lower rates and a lack of royalties make the US a less appealing market than the UK for translators, but there are some advantages and work is crossing the Atlantic.

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Cultural Homogeneity and the Future of Literary Translation

Translator Burton Pike

‘A creeping homogenization’ and generic international content and style is depleting the cultural integrity of literary prose and translation, argues Burton Pike.

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GBO Competition Honors German Translators and Int’l Literature

GBO Director Riky Stock introduces the panelists during the Translation Competition reception

Kurt Beals is the winner of the German Book Office’s first-ever translation prize, aimed at recognizing young, up-and-coming translators from German to English.

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Pushkin Press’ Petersburg Wins Russian Translation Prize


Academia Rossica has awarded John Elsworth the £5,000 Rossica Translation Prize 2012 for his new translation of Petersburg by Andrei Bely.

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LBF 2012: Translating Minority Languages


Authors and translators discuss why more effort should be taken to translate and support minority languages.

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Polyglot vs. Translator: Different Takes on Multilingualism

Author Michael Erard spent years chasing polyglots around the globe

Not everyone can become a polyglot, so we still need translators — but the two treat the fact that all humans don’t speak the same language very differently.

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The Loneliness of the Icelandic Translator

Victoria Cribb

Iceland has one foot in ancient culture and one foot in the modern world — and its books pose unique challenges, says translator Victoria Cribb.

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Brazil’s Clarice Lispector Gets a Second Chance in English

A group of translators have challenged themselves to re-translate the work of this important Latin American author, Clarice Lispector.

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