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Early Korean Literature Goes Digital and Free

South Korea

The Literature Translation Institute (LTI) of Korea has placed 20 works of early-modern Korean fiction online for free.

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German Author Christoph Hein Honors US Publisher Sara Bershtel

L to R: Juliana Camfield (Director, Deutsches Haus at NYU), Philip Boehm (translator), Sara Bershtel (Publisher, Metropolitan Books), Prof. Friedrich Ulfers (NYU)

In this speech, German author Christoph Hein examines the importance of literature and honors Metropolitan Books’ publisher Sara Bershtel for her work in bringing German literature to the USA.

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Buku Fixi: On Translating Bestsellers for Malaysia

Fixi Verso

Young Malaysian publisher Buku Fixi is making waves, recently with translations of novels by Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. We talk to its founder.

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Sci-Fi in China Gains Credibility After Moon Rover Landing

Lu Xun, one of China's most venerated writers, got his start translating Jules Verne.

Perhaps it was the result of China landing a spacecraft on the moon, but 2013 was a banner year for science fiction writing in China, says The Daily Beast.

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On Dany Laferrière, Language and the Académie Française

Dany Laferrière

Haitian-Canadian writer Dany Laferrière — who supports the end of the use of the term Francophone — has been admitted to Académie Française, prompting debate.

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New Boutique Publishers Return to the “Essence” of Publishing


France’s Allary Éditions and Sweden’s Haute Culture Books promise a return to the ‘essence’ of publishing, producing books with greater care and exuberance.

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Is Korea Worthy of a Nobel Prize for Literature?

Joesph Leo of KL Management

Korean literary agent Joseph Leo of KL Management says, ‘Before asking why Korean authors fail to win the [Nobel], I want to ask them how many books you read a year.’

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Is Anglo-American Literature “Massively Overrated?”

Xiaolu Guo believes American literature is too narrative and too influential.

At the Jaipur Literature Festival, UK-based Chinese writer Xiaolu Guo attacked English literature as overrated, while Jhumpa Lahiri praised translation.

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Counter to Cliché, French Translations Sell Better Than Ever

Laurence Marie is the head of the book department for the French Embassy in the United States.

French translations are more popular and selling better than ever in English-language markets, not just in the US but in India and elsewhere, writes Laurence Marie.

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7 Tips from The German Book Office’s Translation Workshop

translation dictionaries

At the GBO’s recent translator workshop, two US book editors and translator Susan Bernofksy shared techniques and tips for literary translators. Here’s what they said.

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