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Digital Love Stories for Valentine’s Day from Africa

logo ankara press

Nigerian romance publisher Ankara Press has produced a free digital Valentine’s Day Story Anthology featuring several of Africa’s top writers.

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Judith Gurewich on Why Americans Don’t Read Translated Fiction

flags of the world

The Daily Beast talks with Judith Gurewich about why translations are not popular in the US. Her answer: “America is a puzzle of very complicated groups.”

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Burmese Publishing Recovering from Bribery, Turmoil

Bones Will Crow

James Byrne surveys Burmese literature as it has evolved beyond mass censorship, and sees reasons for cautious optimism.

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Paid to Translate Play: The Ins and Outs of Video Game Localization

Matt Alt

Matt Alt explains how as video games evolved from simple amusements into a cinematic storytelling medium, translation became integral to the process.

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Saqi Books Will Once Again Be Publishing in English

Al Saqi logo

The Bookseller reports that Saqi Books will be resume its English-language publishing program with plans to release as many as ten titles per year.

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Your Cheat Sheets to 2015’s Translated Fiction in English

Translated Literature 2015

Typographical Era has produced a visual guide to 2015’s translated fiction, while Three Percent has updated its database and PEN UK surveyed its publishers.

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After Rights Struggle, Murakami Permits Bengali Translation

Haruki Murakami

The Bengali translator of Kafka on the Shore recounts the challenges of convincing Haruki Murakami and his minders to allow the translation.

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Hispabooks: Challenging Stereotypes of Spanish Literature


Hispabooks, a book publisher specialized in translating Spanish titles into English, offers an impressive selection of Spanish novels to readers around the world.

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World Editions Translates Dutch Lit for English Readers

Eric Visser

Veteran Dutch publisher Eric Visser launches World Editions a new translation house focused on bringing Dutch and international lit to a global readership.

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The Best Book Gift? A Hand-Translated Title

Hvar et Momo3

Working in the book business can make one cynical about giving and receiving books as gifts, but the gift of a hand-translated title was a special surprise.

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