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Denmark’s Movellas Social Reading/Writing Empowers Teens

Movellas small

Movellas, a community for teenagers to read, write and share stories launched in 2010, has attracted 200,000 budding literati in the US, UK and Denmark.

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Tips for Technologists #19: Build or Buy Software

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It’s a common question for businesses with specific technology needs: is it better to build software or buy it? Here’s an analogy to help you decide.

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Working with Startups: Five Tips for Publishers

Travis Alber

There’s a lot of chat going on about how startups can drive publishing innovation, but publishers need to learn the right way to connect. Here are 5 tips.

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Publishers, What’s Been Your Experience Working with Startups?

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We’re years into the digital revolution, but the cultures between publishing and startups remain far apart. What’s been your experience working with startups?

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“Our Friends in Seattle” and Other Euphemisms from Books in Browsers 2011

Change agents on the West coast meet book publishers from New York at the Books in Browsers conference. The result: a lot of quotable moments.

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What Kinds of Companies Should Publishers Acquire?

As today’s large publishing companies are looking for growth through acquisitions, what kinds of companies should they buy?

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Are Writers Powerless to Make a Living in the Digital Age?

• Jaron Lanier is the author of You Are Not a Gadget and “father of virtual reality” considers whether writers and “content” creators can make […]

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