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Publish or Perish? Now It’s Publish, Share, Track or Perish

Jan Reichelt

Jan Reichelt of Elsevier’s Mendeley platform for managing and sharing research papers discusses how tech is changing the way in which academics build a reputation.

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Scribd’s Andrew Weinstein on Bookshops, Territorial Rights and…Scribd

Andrew Weinstein

Andrew Weinstein, the new VP of Content Acquisition at ebook subscription service Scribd discusses the role of bookstores, territorial rights and content.

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Inside Nubico, Spain’s Latest Ebook Subscription Service


We talk to David Fernández Poyatos, CEO of Nubico, the Spanish ebook subscription service that is looking to acquire 30% of Spain’s e-reading market.

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Exprima Talks: Finitiv Offers Revenue Channel for Professional Publishers


Finitiv president Andrew Brenneman on why his subscription platform for professional publishers might answer the question, how do we generate more revenue?

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James Appell of, Russia’s leading ebook subscription service discusses the company’s ambitions to expand beyond Russia’s borders and to beat piracy.

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Planeta Announces ‘E-Circulo’ Subscription Streaming E-book Service

José Manuel Lara, Planeta

Grupo Planeta in Spain announced ‘e-circulo’ an initiative which will allow readers to rent e-books via e-streaming

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Does the à la carte Book Model Appeal to You?

Are you attracted to a service such as BookRiff, which allows you to build your own book from a broad range of content? If so, why?

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RRKidz: “Reading Rainbow” Reborn as an Online Subscription Library

LeVar Burton is launching RRKidz, a rebooted online version of PBS’s Reading Rainbow, and plans to offer hundreds of books via subscription model.

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Is an “À la carte” E-Book Subscription Model Viable for Trade Publishers?

A subscription model that offers readers access to books a chapter at a time has potential to generate equivalent revenue and convert browsers into buyers. […]

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Disney’s Digital Future

By Edward Nawotka Much has been made of the emergence of e-books for adults, but the real early adopters of digital technology aren’t exclusively tech […]

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