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Exprima Talks: Hacking the Story with Nate Herzog

Corey Pressman

Corey Pressman interviews Nate Herzog, creator of StoryHack Media, about his innovative media events, the power of storytelling, and Post-it Notes.

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Exprima Talks: Peter Meyers, Content Innovation at Citia

Corey Pressman

In this debut of the Exprima Interview series, Corey Pressman talks with Peter Meyers of Citia about the future of ebooks and how digital storytelling might evolve.

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Books in Browsers IV: Why We Should Not Imitate Snowfall

Snow Fall from the New York Times

At Books in Browsers, NYT digital designer Allen Tan urged content creators to first understand the underlying principles before jumping in to a project like Snow Fall.

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Editorial: How Far Are We Prepared to Go?

grand theft auto v

Ed Nawotka reflects on the pace of innovation in media, and whether book publishers should continue on their path to create more apps and digital products.

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Using the “World Itself as a Storytelling Canvas”

Corey King

Storydrive Frankfurt speaker Cory King describes how his ambitious game Clandestine: Anomaly aims to define augmented reality storytelling.

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Storydrive Speaker Drew Davidson on Augmented Reality Storytelling

Drew Davidson

StoryDrive Frankfurt speaker Drew Davidson believes that technology enables new ways to share stories, but the experience is ultimately about the quality of the story.

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MIX Making Day Experiments with Hybrid Storytelling

Dave Addey at MIX Maker Day talks to storytellers about typography on portable devices.

Author Kate Pullinger attended the 2013 MIX Making Day at the Bath Spa University, where participants experimented with a hybrid of new technology and old-fashioned storytelling.

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Saying “Hi” and MIX-ing It Up: A Narrated World

From "Hi: Narrative Mapping the World" by Craig Mod | Medium

Following up on Kate Pullinger’s report on the 2013 MIX Making Day, Porter Anderson looks at Craig Mod’s new way of saying Hi: narrative mapping.

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Ebooks Still Lack a Category Defining Storytelling Experience

Burning the Page

Surveying the ebook discussions at BookExpo America, it’s clear that despite their popularity, ebooks still lack their own category of breakthrough storytelling experiences.

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Is Interactive Fiction Finally Reaching Critical Mass?

the black crown project

Several new high profile interactive fiction titles have been released so far this year, suggesting that publishers and readers may finally be ready for the medium.

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