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In the Global Book Market, India and Brazil Remain Hot

Andre Breedt

India and Brazil are the places to be for publishers, according to figures revealed by Nielsen’s Andre Breedt in a swift overview of the global book market.

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Is Norway Paradise for Publishers?

Norway Flag

Norway’s oil wealth and commitment to education offers unparalleled opportunities for publishers and writers alike, argues The New Republic.

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Ukrainian Book Publishing Fears Hard Times Ahead

A map of the Ukraine which does not depict the recent annexation of the Crimea by Russia.

Ukraine’s new government is considering withdrawing support for the publishing industry and eliminating tax and other benefits for publishers to save cash.

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How to Buy a Top Spot on the New York Times Bestseller List

cover Real Marriage

Carolyn Kellogg reports in the Los Angeles Times about how ResultSource Inc. was able, through clever machinations, to generate a #1 New York Times bestseller.

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Indian STM Publishing Worth $200m, 20% Growth, 2% Ebooks


A snapshot of STM publishing in India, which represents 84% of the publishing industry’s profits in the country, from this February’s GLOBALOCAL conference.

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Licensing to the Arab World Poses Unique Opportunities

middle east globe

Book rights directors Rebecca Byers of Plon-Perrin and Benita Edzard of Robert Laffont discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of working the Arab World.

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In Brazil, Amazon Starts Selling Kindles Direct, Books are Next

brazil flag

After 13 months of using partners to sell Kindles in Brazil, Amazon is now offering direct sales. If they can do that, books are not likely far behind.

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How Much Do Writers Earn? Less Than You Think


A Digital Book World survey revealed that 54% of “traditionally-published” authors (and nearly 80% of self-published authors) earn less than $1,000 a year.

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Ether for Authors: Can We Stop Short of Overstatement?

26 November 2013 iStock_000000894187XSmall photog AlpTraum texted story image

Our weekly round-up of web buzz from Porter Anderson looks at how easily exaggerated interpretations of publishing industry commentary can skew the debate.

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What’s Driving UK Publishers Out of Business?

uk flag

Nearly 100 UK publishers went out of business over the past year — a 42% increase, over the year before — and several factors are to blame.

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