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“Beat Amazon!” Is Not a Business Plan for Startups

Craig Mod

At the Yale Publishing Course, Craig Mod lauds Wattpad, despite its flaws, and urges entrepreneurs to delight and encourage your readers if you want to be a successful startup.

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Publishing and Technology Start-ups at BEA 2014

The Next Big Book promises publishers and authors dynamic analytics on sales and social media.

Two data analytics companies, Next Big Book and Qlovi, won startup prizes at BEA, but several others caught our eye and are worth watching through 2014.

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On the Demise of Readmill and Secondary Orality


Corey Pressman of Exprima Media links the closure of Readmill to the evolution of post-print culture, or what Marshall McLuhan called ‘the second orality.’

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Extinction and Editing: Startup Collate It

An example of Collate it in action.

John Pettigrew explains the principles behind Collate it, a UK digital startup aimed at helping publishers by replicating editors’ natural workflow, online.

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Denmark’s Movellas Social Reading/Writing Empowers Teens

Movellas small

Movellas, a community for teenagers to read, write and share stories launched in 2010, has attracted 200,000 budding literati in the US, UK and Denmark.

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UK Startups Tackle Ebook Gifting, Data Mining

Anna Lewis of Valobox

Tech is returning dividends to publishing, with Valobox’s ‘Gift an Ebook’ program and Bookseer’s advanced social media data mining and price analytics.

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Exprima Talks: Behind the Ink Enhances Ebooks


In this Exprima Talks episode, Corey Pressman talks to startup Beneath the Ink about their ebook enhancement technology, and to author Emma Boling about how she used it in her book, Mistress of France.

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German Transmedia: Storytelling to Stimulate Several Senses

Insa Kohler and Andresa Winkelmann

Germany’s Rowohlt and Das Wilde Dutzend (The Wild Dozen) embody the latest thinking in transmedia storytelling, one is re-imagining the thriller and the other, fairy tales.

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UK Startups Celebrate Innovation at Impromptu Digital Xmas Fair

Digital Xmas Fair

On short notice, a dozen of the UK’s top startups hosted the first Digital Publishing Xmas Fair, celebrating London’s burgeoning entrepreneurial community.

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From Crowdfunding to Author Advances: German Self-Publishing Experimentation

Gunnar Siewert, BookRix

The self-publishing ecosystem in Germany is expanding into more dramatic experimentation, from crowdsourcing to offering author advances.

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