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UK Education Publishing Startups Struggle to Get Traction

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UK education startups face the dual challenge of first finding teachers within schools who want their product then hoping the budget exists to adopt it.

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Educake Science Streamlines Homework for Students

Charley Darbishire

UK startup Educake promises an easy-to-use online solution for teachers to set up and grade quizzes and students to provide answers, much of it automated.

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Mylibreto: Spanish Start-up Offers Social Analytics Tool


Spanish digital start-up Mylibretto offers advanced widgets to help publishers promote titles online, while offering analytics and sales data.

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Can an Oil-and-Gas Exec Disrupt the Book Business?

Gordon Ross wants to disrupt the book business.

Bangkok-based Gordon Ross says disrupting the book industry is a business challenge, and has launched Bleeding Heart Publications to test his instincts.

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Reedsy: A Publishing Services Startup for the Digital Age


Ricardo Fayet, co-founder of Reedsy, an online publishing services marketplace, discusses the startup’s business model and philosophy.

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When It Comes to Tech, Execution Wins Out Over Ideas

Investor Yossi Vardi shared his business insight at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Yossi Vardi, Israel’s preeminent tech investor and entrepreneur, offers his secrets to success.

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Innovating to Enable Storytelling in a Digital Age

Sherisse Hawkins

The CEO of Beneath the Ink, a former Time Warner Cable executive, delivers lessons learned from the digital transformation of the cable industry.

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The Start-up Learning Curve: Slicebooks Refines Its Biz Model


Three years after co-founding Slicebooks, Jill Tomich reflects on the evolving market for remixed ebooks and content, and how her company has adapted.

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“Beat Amazon!” Is Not a Business Plan for Startups

Craig Mod

At the Yale Publishing Course, Craig Mod lauds Wattpad, despite its flaws, and urges entrepreneurs to delight and encourage your readers if you want to be a successful startup.

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Publishing and Technology Start-ups at BEA 2014

The Next Big Book promises publishers and authors dynamic analytics on sales and social media.

Two data analytics companies, Next Big Book and Qlovi, won startup prizes at BEA, but several others caught our eye and are worth watching through 2014.

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