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On the Demise of Readmill and Secondary Orality


Corey Pressman of Exprima Media links the closure of Readmill to the evolution of post-print culture, or what Marshall McLuhan called ‘the second orality.’

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What Can Trade Publishers Learn from Fanfiction?

Nathan Fillion poses as fiction writer Rick Castle

Fanfiction offers an alternative publishing model for community engagement, online interaction and the book business, argues Anna von Veh of NZ’s Say Books.

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Does E-book Sharing Create Economic Damage?


A fear of piracy is one thing, but a fear of sharing? If social reading and community building is the cornerstone of book marketing, then users must be trusted.

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“Our Friends in Seattle” and Other Euphemisms from Books in Browsers 2011

Change agents on the West coast meet book publishers from New York at the Books in Browsers conference. The result: a lot of quotable moments.

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From Commentary to Conversation: The Evolution of Social Reading

Matteo Berlucci, CEO, Anobii

Social reading seems like a counterintuitive idea, but it enriches both reading and publishing, argues Anobii CEO Matteo Berlucchi.

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SURVEY: Are You a Social or Asocial Reader?

Take our survey and let us know if you’re obsessed with posting everything you read to social reading/media sites or you prefer your privacy.

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Brazil’s Publishers Prep for Digital “D-Day” 2014

This week Brazil’s publishing industry gathered to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of digital.

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What is the Future of “Social Bookselling”?

Do you only buy the books your friends suggest? Perhaps not. By Edward Nawotka It has long been a maxim in book marketing that “word-of-mouth” […]

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Could Social Media Replace Some Books?

By Edward Nawotka In today’s thoughtful editorial by Franz Wisner, he argues that the immediate, fragmentary nature of most writing on the Internet and social […]

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