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Earthquake Inspires New Zealand Author to Launch Own Press

Jill marshall - head & shoulders promo 2010

Following New Zealand’s tragic Christchurch earthquake, YA author Jill Marshall was inspired to start her own publishing company, Pear Jam Books.

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Experimenting With Serials for Fun and Profit


Technology has enabled established and self-published authors to experiment serial publishing — making the old form new again — and finding mixed results.

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UK Startup Boxfiction Extends the Life of TV Characters in E-books

If the novel is like a feature film, what’s the written equivalent of the TV series? Boxfiction has an answer.

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Should Eva Gabrielsson or Another Famous Writer Continue the Millennium Series?

By Edward Nawotka The question of who exactly owns the rights to the rumored fourth, unfinished Millennium novel by Stieg Larsson is still up for […]

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The Billion Copy Opportunity

By Lewis Manalo CHINA: By now it’s a scene we in the West are familiar with: a swordsman or — swordswoman — makes an acrobatic […]

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Freedom Isn’t Easy: Writing in Prison vs. The Free World

By Wahida Clark My new book Thug Lovin’ was the first book I wrote in the free world. Prior to that I wrote six others […]

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