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5 Digital Distribution Tactics for Startups and Publishers

Anne Kubek

Anne Kubek of INscribe Digital offers five ways independent players, with fewer resources than large conglomerates, can keep up in the race to reach new audiences.

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When Print Trumps Digital

A Catalog of Possibilities

Former Wired editor Kevin Kelly says that he self-published his new book A Catalog of Possibilities in print because of the enduring power of a large, print book.

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Should Self-publishing Platforms Censor Objectionable Books?


Several self-publishing ebook platforms have censored rape, incest and other objectionable titles while others appear to continue profiting from them.

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Ether for Authors: Is It Time for Publishing to Call a Truce?

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 Penguin Corner - Anderson - texted story image 2

Porter Anderson looks at the Frankfurt Book Fair, at Sprint Beyond the Book and Book Sprints, at pen names, and more in Ether for Authors this week.

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Publishing’s Civil Wars

Edward Nawotka

There is a revolution afoot in publishing, but it might not be what you think. As the print vs. digital battle continues to play out, self-publishing continues to gain momentum and influence in the industry.

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October’s Top Reviews of Self-Published Books from BlueInk Review

Too Big to Succeed

Starred BlueInk reviews include a novel about a schizophrenic New Yorker who believes he is Beethoven and a timely look at profiteering in American medicine.

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Authors Guide to Frankfurt Available in Spanish

spanish authors guide to frankfurt

Our Authors Guide to the Frankfurt Book Fair is now available in Spanish, thanks to Dosdoce, The Spanish Digital Link, and Actualidad Editorial. Download it here.

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Self-Publishing and the Industry: Implications and Impact

CONTEC conference speaker bloc for 24 September 2013

A discussion with nine experts from Frankfurt Academy’s CONTEC 2013 interactive learning lab on self-publishing’s implications for the industry.

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Given a Choice: Small Press, Large Publisher, or Self Publish?

question mark survey

The gap between what a small press, a large publisher, and someone self-publishing is getting narrower. Do you have a preference for one over another?

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Smashwords Reaches a Milestone: Publishes 250,000th Book

smashwords art

The Smashwords self-publishing platform has published a quarter of million books containing 8.5 billion words in six years in business.

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