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Clube de Autores: A Self-Publishing Boom in Brazil

Ricardo Almeida

We interview Ricardo Almeida, the founder and CEO of Clube de Autores, the top self-publishing platform in Brazil.

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May’s Top Reviews of Self-published Books from BlueInk Review

An Absent Mind

Our monthly selection of reviews from BlueInk Review, a service which reviews self-published books, stars an ‘uncommonly brave’ novel about Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Berlin’s Re:publica14: Making the Internet Strong and Free

Republica 14

Re:publica14 in Berlin offered a glimpse into the German internet psyche, which is consumed with issues of net neutrality, censorship and political pranks.

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Publishing’s “Metamorphoses” at Klopotek 2014’s Berlin Forum

Delegates to Klopotek AG''s Publishers' Forum give outgoing conference chief Helmut von Berg a standing ovation in Berlin. Behind him: Porter Anderson, Edward Nawotka, Hugh Howey.

A recap the key points in the 2014 Klopotek Publishers’ Forum in Berlin this past week. The top message to the German audience: ‘embrace change or die.’

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Live Stream: Literary Writers and Digital Disruption

The Muse and the Marketplace

Tune in here on Friday, May 2 at 1:30 pm EST to watch the Town Hall Debate on literary authors in a digital publishing world, live from The Muse and the Marketplace 2014.

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The Muse’s Town Hall: Looking for Literary in Digital Places

28 April 2014 iStock_000017041203Small photog iLexx texted story image

In Issues on the Ether, Porter Anderson looks at literary fiction in digital publishing with Eve Bridburg of Grub Street’s and its Muse Conference.

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The Muse’s Town Hall: Jane Friedman on Literary in Digital Times

Electronic book reader laying on the book outdoors

Porter Anderson previews the Grub Street Muse Conference Town Hall on literary fiction in digital times; Publishing Perspectives streams it Friday 1:30 p.m. ET.

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Tamil Publishing Continues to Struggle in the Age of Digital

Ponniyin Selevan Tamil

Today, Tamil writing continues to struggle and faces challenges all modern publishers face, particularly in fiction, where writers have forsaken the language.

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From LBF to Pubsmart: Are Publishers & Authors Getting Closer?

Top image - Pub Perspectives #EtherIssue 15 April 2014 2

For this week’s @PubPerpsectives #EtherIssue live discussion, Porter Anderson looks at the two de facto camps working today, authors and publishers.

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The Audio Self-publishing Revolution Beckons Entrepreneurial UK Authors

Lauren Fortgang recording for the ACX program.

Audible founder and CEO Donald Katz on why UK rights holders should consider joining in a grand experiment, the Audiobook Creation Exchange.

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