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December’s Top Reviews of Self-Published Books from BlueInk Review

Anvil of God

This month’s starred reviews of self-published books includes a stellar historical novel and a touching memoir of life as a teacher of disadvantaged students.

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From Crowdfunding to Author Advances: German Self-Publishing Experimentation

Gunnar Siewert, BookRix

The self-publishing ecosystem in Germany is expanding into more dramatic experimentation, from crowdsourcing to offering author advances.

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Publish Faster, Publish Less: Futurebook’s “Big Ideas”

The FutureBook's "Big Ideas" panel onstage at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster. Photo: Porter Anderson

Nine publishing pros at The Bookseller’s Futurebook conference offered their big ideas for the industry, which included publishing faster and publishing less.

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How Self-Publishing Led Amazon to German Ebook Dominance

How to Publish in Germany

In Germany, where fixed price laws demand a level playing field, Amazon’s KDP gave its self-published authors an edge when it came to ebooks.

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Is Self-Publishing and Open Access Viable for Art Publishing?


A German art foundation is experimenting with an open-access self-published monograph as an ebook. Could this be a model for other institutions looking for greater exposure?

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How Do You Spot a Good Editor and Avoid the Amateurs?

Red Pen Editing

There are editors, and there are people who call themselves editors. Can you tell the difference?

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In Germany Digital Publishing is No Longer Satan, But Savior

EPublish Conference

At Berlin’s E:PUBLISH conference last week, one felt German publishing had finally fully embraced digital as a means of helping the industry and literature thrive.

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Ether for Authors: More Gatekeeping? Sisyphus Could Relate

12 November 2013 iStock_000021650766XSmall photog ArdenSchmidt texted story image 2

Self-publishing, despite its community’s diversity of style and material, may need awards and other ‘gatekeeping’ devices for coherence in the marketplace.

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November’s Top Reviews of Self-Published Books from BlueInk Review

A swansong for beer pong

This month’s starred self-published books of note include a fictional tragedy in pre-colonial Nigeria and a memoir where beer pong meets sado-masochism.

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Dinosaur Erotica: Seriously? Oh Yes, and It Sells

Taken by the T-Rex

Taken by the T-Rex might sound like a joke book title to you, but it’s part of an odd and oddly popular self-publishing subculture of monster erotica.

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