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How a Trio of Startups is Tackling Book Discovery in Germany

Volker Oppmann

Germany’s Skoobe, Flipintu and LOG.OS are bringing fresh ideas and insight to helping German readers find their next book to read or buy.

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Why Publishing of the Future Is “Networked Publishing”

Networked Publishing 2

Publishing of the future demands collaborating across the process chain, in order to successfully place the right product forms in the right markets.

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Small Demons: Seeking A Better Path to Book Discovery

Web start-up Small Demons uses cultural references and details embedded in books as a starting point to aid readers in finding their next book.

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Do You Trust a Computer to Tell You What to Read?

Some of the books I’ve enjoyed most are precisely those I’d have never picked up myself. Can computers replicate serendipity?

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What Content Would You Like to See Become a “Live” E-book

By Edward Nawotka Today’s lead article describes how Connotate’s search technology could be used to create “live” e-books. What kinds of content would you like […]

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The Potential and Promise of “Live” E-books

By Edward Nawotka Enhanced e-books with web and video links embedded in the text is just the beginning: “One of the things we can do […]

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