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The Vikings of Brazil

Pasi Lohman

We interview São Paulo-based literary agent Pasi Loman who specializes in selling book rights between Brazilian and Scandinavian publishers.

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Love, Death, and Nuclear Physics: What’s Hot in the Cool North

A selection of title NORLA at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

Scandinavian publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair discuss their favorite titles for the fall, for which they are selling the rights to global territories at the fair.

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Göteborg Book Fair: Sweden’s Global Gathering of Book Lovers

invigning bred469

Last week’s Göteborg Book Fair offered an overview of and new insights into what’s hot and what’s next in Swedish literature and publishing. Saskia Vogel reports.

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Book Licensing Market Snapshots: North America and Denmark

Tom Chalmers

In a new series, IPR License’s Tom Chalmers looks at licensing issues in key publishing territories around the world. First up: North America and Denmark.

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A Bright Future for Scandinavian Digital Publishing

At the Scandinavian Publishing Executive Meeting hosted by Schilling in Copenhagen, publishers surveyed the future of digital publishing in the region and found hope.

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Bjartur-Verold: Selling Icelandic Literature Abroad

Bjartur-Verold has gained renown as the Icelandic publisher of many blockbuster English titles like Harry Potter and The Davinci Code.

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How Visible Is Arabic Lit on the International Scene?

This article is part of a series on publishing in the Middle East which is sponsored by the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. By Yasmina […]

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Will 2011 Be the Year Translated Lit Gains Traction in the US?

By Edward Nawotka Today’s lead story looks at the surprise success of Words Without Borders and their new anthology Tablet & Pen. Yes it might […]

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Why is Nordic Noir So Popular?

By Edward Nawotka In today’s lead article, a look at the top-selling fiction titles in Europe in 2009 reveals that noir from the Scandinavian countries […]

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