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Ether for Authors: How London Beat BEA’s Pants Off

3 June 2013 key image starter BEA TEXTED STORY IMAGE

Porter Anderson looks back on BEA 2013 through the prism of the self-published indie author and finds the show out-of-touch with the realities of the industry.

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E3 Software Aims to Streamline Literary Rights Management

E3 Rights Manager

Barcelona-based E3 has spent a decade developing a software as a service platform to help literary agencies and others manage rights more efficiently.

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Indian Author Receives Record-Breaking $900,000 Advance

Amish Tripathi re-imagines the lives of Hindu gods in fiction.

Amish Tripathi, whose fiction re-imagines Hindu myths as fiction, has received a 50 million rupee ($912,000) advance for the South Asian rights to his next trilogy.

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Publishing in 2002 vs 2012: Better, Worse or a Stalemate?


Provocateur John Reed reflects on the decade in publishing based on his experience publishing his 9/11 Orwell satire Snowball’s Chance in 2002 and again in 2012.

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Should Books Tell You How Long They Will Take to Read?

man reading a book

Would putting the estimated number of hours it would take a reader to finish a book right there on the jacket be a good marketing tool? Or put readers off?

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How Much is Social Media Visibility Really Worth?

Does your number of Facebook fans translate into book sales? How can publishers develop meaningful reader communities on social networks?

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US Digital Sales Up 147% in May, Print Plops

Digital sales are booming, up 146.9% in May and produced $73.4 million in revenue, according to the Association of American Publishers.

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Is Self-Published Self-Help at a Disadvantage?

Are you more dubious of self-published self-help books than those coming from traditional publishers?

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Five Tips for Working with Hollywood as a Publisher or Author

The importance of “key art,” how to work with co-agents, and whether or not to follow your gut. By Edward Nawotka For the past two […]

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German E-books Accounted for 0.5% Revenue in 2010, Breakthrough Expected in 2011

By Publishing Perspectives staff Germany’s book market is among the top three in size in the world, though e-books remain only a small percentage of […]

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