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On Patrick Modiano, the Nobel, and Translation

Patrick Modiano

While new Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano has been translated into 37 languages, English-language editions of his books are hard to find

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“You can’t just put stuff into English”

Frankfurt Book Fair Literary Agents and Scouts Center

Literary agents respond to Richard Charkin’s provocation that international publishers should put out their own English editions rather than selling the English rights.

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SESA: A New Publishing Collective from Southeast and South Asia

FBM Logo 2014 Ehrengast Englisch web

Malaysian literary agent Linda Tan Lingard has formed an alliance of a half-dozen publishers to show off what the region’s writers have to offer at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Q&A with Richard Charkin, Future IPA President

Richard Charkin

Richard Charkin, CEO of Bloomsbury and future president of the International publishers association, on copyright, authors and international rights.

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Finland’s I Remes Has a New Approach to Translation Deals

I Remes

Bestselling Finnish thriller writer I Remes is offering publishers a deal: the first two books royalty-free for five years for print, one year for digital.

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Life and Death at Frankfurt

Barbara Zitwer

Literary agent Barbara J. Zitwer reflects on the pivotal role the Frankfurt Book Fair has played in her life and career.

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Does British Humor Translate Across the Pond?

Angus Thong and Full Frontal Snogging

Do American readers really need a glossary to help define colloquial British words and phrases, particularly ones that signal humor?

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Denmark’s Schilling Asks Publishing Executives to Dream Big

Shilling White Paper Logo

In its new white paper, Danish publishing consultancy Schilling challenged executives to answer “what should a publishing company built from scratch look like?”

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Literary Agent Q&A: Claudia Wittman, Germany

Claudia Wittman, founder of The Wittmann Agency (photo by Sabine Münch)

Claudia Wittman, literary agent and founder of the Wittman Agency in Germany, talks about how her rights business manages the massive changes in the book publishing industry.

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Central American Publishers, Writers to Appear at Frankfurt Book Fair

Sergio Ramiěrez

Publishers from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica will attend the Frankfurt Book Fair’s International Rights Directors Meeting for the first time to showcase regional talent.

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