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What If Boys Can’t Find the Right (Reading) Stuff?

22 April 2014 iStock_000000677884Small photog leezsnow texted story image

This week’s #EtherIssue discussion will look at author Jonathan Emmett’s finding about boys’ reading and the gender balance in the industry.

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Are Boys Not Reading Because of All Those Women in Publishing?

Boys reading

Are boys are being deterred from reading because the gatekeepers to children’s literature are mostly women, asks an author for The Times of London.

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On the Demise of Readmill and Secondary Orality


Corey Pressman of Exprima Media links the closure of Readmill to the evolution of post-print culture, or what Marshall McLuhan called ‘the second orality.’

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Is Religious Fundamentalism Merely A Failure to Read Well?

man reading a book

Looking at core religious works as literary texts, one with possibly unreliable narrators, rather than as the literal word of God might serve us all better.

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Germany’s Small Presses: Gourmet Reading for Book Gluttons

Small press catalogs on display in Leipzig.

Germany’s small press scene is thriving, with an eclectic mix of ambitious publishers seeking out new authors, experimenting with formats and finding audiences.

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Popular Japanese Books Remain Hot Properties Throughout Asia

Keigo Higashino, Japan's bestseller machine, is popular across Asia

Popular Japanese authors such as Keigo Higashino and Kotaro Isaka, and prize-winners, are being translated quickly and sold in South Korea, China and Taiwan.

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Editor, Translator Discuss “All Russians Love Birch Trees”

The Publishing the World book club is hosted monthly. From Left: Aniella Perold, Editor for Cretus Magazine and a French–English translator, Michelle Landau, intern at the German Book Office, Marjorie Dewitt, Editor at Other Press, Eva Bacon, German–English translator, Samantha Steele, Literary Agent at the French Publisher's Agency and co-founder of PTW, Brittany Hazelwood, co-founder of PTW, Samantha Mandel, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, Marc Holzenbecher, Publisher, Still Magazin, and Marshall Yarbrough from Terry Tobias agency and German–English translator. Not pictured are Natalija Pavlovic, intern at Seven Stories and French–English translator and Christiana Hills, French–English translator.

The editor and translator of Olga Grjasnowa’s All Russians Love Birch Trees, as part of the Publishing the World book club, reflect on the novel and publication.

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Short Reads: The Rooster Crows, Very Briefly

10 March 2014 iStock_000024437016Small photog Grytsaj texted starter image

Publishing Perspectives’ #EtherIssue live chat on Wednesday will focus on the trend toward short reads, newly represented by the Rooster app for iOS.

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Tin House: 15 Years of Fostering Lively, Diverse Literature

Tin House

Portland’s Tin House Press, born out of the eponymous magazine, continues to foster a community of engaged readers interested in eclectic small press publishing.

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Exprima Talks: Reading Hypertext with Mark Bernstein

Mark Bernstein

What is hypertext and how does this affect the way we create and consume content? Corey Pressman and Mark Bernstein jump into this topic in the latest Exprima Talks episode.

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