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Why Is Goodreads So Valuable To Amazon?


The Atlantic’s Jordan Weissmann speculates that Amazon bought Goodreads to access the site’s group of super fans, readers who buy a lot of books and influence even more purchases.

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The Role of Reading in Growing Asian Economies

asia globe

Asians may identify more closely with success stories akin to the American Dream than with the colonial values left by Europeans in the last centuries, writes Duncan Jepson.

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There’s a General Global Decline in Book Sales, Why?

globe south america

Research is showing that book sales around the world are in general decline and in some countries people are said to have simply stopped reading. What’s to blame?

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UK Book Buyers Spend Less, But Still Loyal to Print

bookstore bookshelf

For the fifth year in a row, UK book revenue is down, as consumers switch from print to digital formats and from physical shops to online retailers, even for print purchases.

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Books in Translation: It’s Time for Others to Join the Fight

Joanna Zgadzaj & Nancy Roberts

The publishers of UK’s Stork Books argue that major publishers and the media in the UK and USA underestimate the audience for translated books and are making a big mistake.

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Survey Underway on LGBT Reading Habits and Book Discovery


The Lambda Literary Foundation (LLF) and St. Cloud State University are surveying LGBT readers about the books they read and how they find them. Here’s how to participate.

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60% of Young Americans Use Libraries, 83% Read a Book This Year

library bookshelves

According to a study released recently by the Pew Research Center, 60% of Americans aged 16-29 still use their public library, and 83% read a book in the past year.

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Like Romney, Does Publishing Dismiss Half of America?

The latest Obama/Romney electoral map (Image: Reuters)

You wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking that red state/blue state map of America is the same way publishers see the country, as readers/non readers. But is it right?

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Publishing in Israel: A Snapshot Overview

Israeli Flag

With competitive bookstores, strong sales and three major languages – Hebrew, Arabic and Russian – Israel’s small but vibrant publishing industry is on the rise.

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Is the Print Book Destined to Become a Souvenir?

stack of six books

What role does the physical copy have in the digital world? For many it does indeed serve as a reminder, a souvenir, of the initial reading experience.

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