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Murakami Book Club Begins “Wind Up Bird Chronicle”

cover wind up bird chronicle

Join Publishing Perspectives’ online book club covering the works of Haruki Murkami as we discuss The Wind Up Bird Chronicle.

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Join Us On a Wild Murakami Chase!

cover hard boiled wonderland

Publishing Perspectives introduces its new online reading group focused on Haruki Murakami, dubbed ‘A Wild Murakami Chase.’ Join us!

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8 Tips on Monetizing the Backlist (But Don’t Call It That)

Jason Ojalvo, Adam Silverman and Joe Regal speak at the Monetizing the Backlist Conference

Every book is a backlist opportunity. Here we offer 8 tips gleaned from Publishing Perspectives’ Monetizing the Backlist conference last Thursday.

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Ira Silverberg on Making Backlist Pay: Making What’s Old New Again

Ira Silverberg will keynote the "Monetizing the Backlist" conference next Thursday in NYC.

With backlist, you have to see what’s old that’s new or make it new again, says Ira Silverberg, who keynotes PP’s Monetizing the Backlist conference next Thursday.

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Download Publishing Perspectives’ London Book Fair Magazine

LBF 2014 magazine cover

Download our London Book Fair magazine on Rights and Licensing, which includes literary agent Q&As, global licensing trends, and perspectives from international companies.

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The London Book Fair: Where Word-of-Mouth Reigns

Edward Nawotka

Prior to the opening of the London Book Fair, Ed Nawotka wonders why in the digital age such events still exist? The answer is easy: word-of-mouth.

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Join Us For The Play’s The Thing’s (and Shakespeare’s) Last Play

the two noble kinsmen photo intro 3

After two-and-a-half years, Publishing Perspectives’ literary blog, The Play’s The Thing, reaches the end of Shakespeare’s oeuvre, with The Two Noble Kinsmen.

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Monthly Magazine #2: Ebooks Around the World


Our digital magazine for March focuses on ebook businesses and initiatives around the world, from sales to format, enhanced content to devices. Download your copy here.

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Loved Hilary Mantel’s Henry VIII? Try Shakespeare’s Orignal!

King Henry VIII portrait

Publishing Perspectives’ epic two and half year read of the plays of Shakespeare has reached the final plays, starting with Henry VIII (All is True).

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