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Bribery and the Ethics of Publishing in the Developing World

Brian Jones

When working in Nigeria, for example, bribes can expedite customs and secure contracts. Do the ends justify the means, or might you threaten your whole brand?

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A True Princess of the Publishing Industry

Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi founded  Kalimat and launched the Emirates Publishers Association, now a full member of the IPA

Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi founded the Emirates Publishers Association and pushed for it to become a full member of the IPA. Here, she explains it was so important.

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The (Digital) Ups and Downs of UK Independent Bookselling

Booksellers Association president Patrick Neale

UK independent booksellers met last week to debate selling e-books, the deal with Kobo, and despite the prognostications, still maintained a sense of optimism.

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As E-book Sales Boom, Kobo’s Deal with UK Booksellers Raises Stakes

Booksellers Association

E-book sales are booming in the UK, according to the Publishers Association, making the UK Booksellers Association deal to sell Kobo e-books all the more urgent.

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UK PA Threatens Guyana with Lawsuit Over Pirated Textbooks


The UK Publishers Association is threatening the government of Guyana with legal action over the purchase of pirated textbooks for use in public schools.

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Digital Now 8% of UK Book Sales, Says PA


The UK Publishers Association released its annual publishing statistics report on the UK market, which found that digital sales are increasing across the industry.

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Taking E-book VAT to the Mat

Richard Mollet, Chief Executive, Publishers Association, UK

UK consumers pay 20% VAT on e-books but 0% on print books. The Publishers Association wants the ‘stark anomaly’ of different book taxes rectified, says Chief Executive Richard Mollet.

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UK Publishers and Booksellers Collaborate on Shadowing Scheme

Harris advises publishers to get out of distribution and into their own branded bookstores.

In the spirit of collaboration, UK publishers and booksellers swap jobs for a day to share skills, knowledge and understanding.

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Why is the Middle East Important to British Publishers?

uk flag

Demand for UK academic titles is growing and Western bestsellers are hits in the Mid East: just 2 reasons why the UK is the country focus as this week’s ADIBF.

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#PubNewsCheat Brazil: E-book Distribution to Libraries, Upcoming Events

By Hannah Johnson Check out the latest news from our sister site, PublishNews Brazil, which features the latest publisher and author news, trends and bestsellers […]

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