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Should You Hire a Professional Book Publicist?

Colleen Devine Ellis

Authors, should you be your own publicist or hire a professional book publicist? Colleen Davis looks how publicity has changed and what you need to know

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Hole in Heart of Publishing Threatens Shelf Lives

hand finger point

A ghost writer and former journalist argues that publicists need to work more closely with authors and receive proper training if they are to be truly effective.

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Creating and Finding Media Opportunities for Your Book

Colleen Devine Ellis

There are so many publicity options and opportunities that they can be overwhelming. Here is a strategy for taking on the challenge.

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Authors Teaching Authors and the Idea of “Slow PR”

Maria Mutch

When Maria Mutch needed advice on how to handle PR of her debut memoir, she found guidance and solace through Grub Street Writer’s Launch Lab in Boston.

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Making Book Promotion Work: The Author/Publisher Partnership

Colleen Devine Ellis

As part of our ongoing series looking at best practices for book promotion, Colleen Devine Ellis considers the best way to approach the author/publisher partnership.

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6 Questions to Ask Before Publicizing Your Book

Colleen Devine Ellis

Effective book publicity relies on planning ahead and defining success for you and your book. Here are six questions to ask before you begin.

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10 Tips to Promote a Book When the Author is MIA…or Dead

Dead End

At BEA, veteran publicists offered various strategies and tips for promoting books with no clear author or the the author is not available or even dead.

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Book Discovery Starts with Psychology, Not Technology


Book discovery about connecting with people, not technology, noted several speakers Digital Book World Discoverability & Marketing Conference earlier this week.

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How Do You Quantify Social Media Impact?


Looking at Amazon sales rankings or Nielsen BookScan data might give you clues clues, but assessing the true impact of social media is much more elusive.

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On Book Trailers, DIY Discovery and Birthing a Baby (and a Book)

Careful by Isobella Jade

Indie author Isobella Jade discusses shooting a book trailer for her new novel while 20 weeks pregnant and why the film is essential to her marketing campaign.

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