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In a Digital World, What Does “Out of Print” Mean?

Barbara Cartland

With ebooks and print-on-demand, readers never again have to want for a much loved, long forgotten, or previously unpublished book from a cherished writer.

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The Future of Print…On Demand

ingram stacked books

Our series on print on demand sponsored by Ingram Content Group, begins with two companies using short print runs and one-off printings to expand their business into new markets.

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Why I Publish Ebooks on Paper for South Africans

Arthur Attwell

Arthur Attwell, founder of Paperight, explains why his company has leveraged the network of photocopy shops throughout South Africa to cater to hard-to-reach readers.

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On Demand’s POD Books Expanding to Drug Stores, Supermarkets

Kodak Picture Kiosk

On Demand Books, the makers of the POD Espresso Book Machine, is partnering with Kodak and ReaderLink to add services to 100,000+ retail kiosks across the US.

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Novellix, Dejavu Push Publishing Innovation in Sweden


The Big Three may dominate Swedish publishing, but innovation is happening on the periphery at start-ups like short-form publisher Novelix and POD provider Dejavu.

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Repurposing Blogs as Books for ‘Immediacy’

Just World Books' logo

New publisher Just World Books uses POD technology to publish blogs as books, focusing on the latest, most pertinent international issues.

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When is a Blog a Blog and a Book a Book?

Increasingly, what differentiates many books from blogs appears to be simply–for many–a matter of published format.

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Ingram’s Global Connect Re-imagines the Global Distribution Model

Late last month, Ingram Content Group launched Global Connect, a printing and distribution program, and recently announced a partnership with Brazilian distributor Singular.

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Will Publishers Blackball Agent-Publishers?

Some agents are now offering to publish their client’s work themselves. Will there be repercussions from publishers?

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Agent-Publisher Ed Victor: Digital Innovator or “Fox in the Henhouse”?

UK agent Ed Victor and his new Bedford Square Books is publishing six titles pre-Frankfurt. Here he explains why his company is not competition for publishers.

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