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Michel Houellebecq and the Charlie Hebdo Attack

Charlie Hebdo

As Paris reels from the murders at Charlie Hebdo magazine, the controversial novel by Michel Houellebecq, star of the magazine’s new issue, is published.

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Can Proper Licensing Help Solve Piracy Problems?

Anti Piracy

Two UK rights experts argue that physical book piracy is often due to lack of availability — so, the more content that can be licensed the better.

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In Afghanistan, Fledgling Publishing Industry Takes First Steps

Ajmal Aazem frankfurt book fair

Post-Taliban, a nascent publishing industry has emerged in Afghanistan, with hundreds of titles being published in Dari, Pashto, Uzbek and English.

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In Spain: Recession Hampers Translation, Piracy Stalls Ebooks

Anna Soler-Pont of Pontas Agency in Barcelona.

Anna Soler-Pont reports that as publishers have endured the recession, literary translations take backseat, while piracy still hampers ebook adoption in Spain.

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Major New Arabic Ebookstore Seeing Early Success

Ashraf Maklad, MD,, a major new Arabic ebookstore launched at this year’s Cairo Book Fair, has potential to be a gamechanger for publishing in the region.

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In Spain, Has the Increase in Ebook Releases Reduced Piracy?

Anti Piracy

Increased market supply appears to be having an impact on Spanish ebook piracy, though it remains a widespread problem.

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In the Arab World Islam Sells in “P,” Unorthodox Sells in “E”

middle east globe

Literary scout Simone Garzella looks at what’s selling in the the Arabic book market how the region continues to evolve amidst some troubled times.

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James Appell of, Russia’s leading ebook subscription service discusses the company’s ambitions to expand beyond Russia’s borders and to beat piracy.

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Is Russia Starting to Solve Its Ebook Piracy Problem?

Anti Piracy

Russia’s ebook market is expanding as more legitimate titles come online and efforts are made to fight piracy. Could ebook piracy finally be waning?

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Polish Publishers Face Sales Slump, Propose Fixed-Pricing, Fight Piracy


Challenged by shrinking sales and online piracy, Poland’s publishing industry aims to mitigate losses with more stringent price regulation, reports Jaroslaw Adamowski.

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