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To Tango, Flamenco and Samba: Penguin Random House Merger with Santillana

A map depicting Santillana's worldwide footprint.

The Penguin Random House deal to absorb Santillana’s trade lines has serious implications for the Spanish-book market, but the outlier in the deal is Brazil.

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PRH/Santillana Merger Threatens Digital Shake Up in Brazil Ebook Sector

Roberto Feith, Objetiva’s CEO, is the Chairman of DLD’s board. Photo by Bruno Veiga.

Penguin Random House Merger with Santillana will force the Brazilian operation to choose whether to stay or leave the powerful DLD digital distribution platform.

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A $150 Novel? Certainly, When the Book is Also Art

cover on such a full sea

Publisher Riverhead is pushing the boundary between book and art with a $150 3-D edition of Chang-rae Lee’s new novel, On Such a Full Sea.

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#TwitterFiction Fest 2014: A Celebration of Storytelling

Twitter Fan fiction festival

Dozens of top authors will join the #TwitterFiction Festival, March 12-16, and will take on the challenge of story-telling in 140 characters.

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Markus Dohle Explains It All For You

Markus Dohle, CEO of PRH, here at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 needs to bone up on his Spanish and Portuguese.

At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013, Markus Dohle, CEO of Penguin Random House, spoke about the upcoming merger and his view on print and digital publishing.

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Is Vikram Seth the First Casualty of the Random House/Penguin Merger?

seth photo

The Times of India reports that Penguin Random House is demanding that Vikram Seth return his $1.7 million advance for failure to meet his submission deadline.

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Press Release: CEO Markus Dohle Announces Penguin Random House Global Leadership Team

penguin random house logo

Following the completion of the merger between Penguin and Random House, CEO Markus Dohle announces the global senior executive team for the new Penguin Random House, which now controls around 25% of the trade book market in the US.

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Penguin Random House, the “Following Four,” and the Future of Competition


When Penguin and Random House merge, the company will publish half the trade books in the USA. How can the rest of the industry compete? And what will be the impact on Amazon?

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Emerging Markets are Key to Penguin Random House Merger

global partnerships

Overlooked in the much of the discussion of the Penguin Random House merger is just how important Latin America, China and India are to the deal.

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Share Your Reaction to the Penguin Random House Merger

Paul Bogaards' Twitter Avatar

You’ve had a few days to absorb the news. Penguin and Random House want to merge. Now that the initial shock has worn off, what do you think?

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