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Repurposing Blogs as Books for ‘Immediacy’

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New publisher Just World Books uses POD technology to publish blogs as books, focusing on the latest, most pertinent international issues.

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Who is the “Author” of This Book of Tweets?

This article is part of a series on publishing in the Middle East which is sponsored by the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. By Yasmina […]

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DISCUSS: Should Tweeters Be Compensated for Contributions to Books?

By Edward Nawotka Today’s feature looks at some of the copyright and compensation issues surrounding the publication of the book Tweets from Tahrir, a collection […]

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Is this Holiday Punch Spiked or Was 2010 a Year of Hope?

By Erin L. Cox Looking back on 2010, I see a year of hope and success, enthusiasm and ingenuity, and a renewed vision for book […]

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From Frankfurt: OR Books Preaches Elegant, Direct Model

By Chad W. Post Speaking at both Tools of Change and the International Digital Rights Symposium, John Oakes of the newly launched OR Books elucidated […]

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Are There Too Many “Middle Men” in Publishing?

By Erin L. Cox Today’s lead story by Douglas Rushkoff describes his move from Random House to the much smaller OR Books. Among the advantages […]

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TOC Frankfurt Preview: Douglas Rushkoff on Upstart Publishing, Staying Human in a Digital World

• In advance of his keynote speech at today’s Tools of Change Frankfurt conference, Douglass Rushkoff discusses his new book Program or Be Programmed and the […]

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