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Open Letter Book’s Chad Post on the State of Translation

Chad Post

Open Letter Books publisher Chad Post talks with Caitlyn Christensen at Sampsonia Way about the contemporary literary scene, publishing and translation.

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A Handy Database of Translations Published in the US

translation dictionaries

Open Letter Books has published their database of all the translations in the US for 2012 (so far). Dalkey leads the pack of publishers, with AmazonCrossing in second.

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Translation Gains New Ground in American Academia

flags of the world

Academic programs are increasingly focusing on translation, with universities partnering with publishers and many offering a specialized focus on the field.

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Fighting to Build “Brand Bulgaria” in Literature

Elizabeth Kostova Foundation

For five years now the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation has fought to raise awareness of Bulgarian writing by sponsoring prizes, seminars and publications at home and abroad.

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For Publishers, The Long Term Is the Only Race Worth Winning

Chad W. Post

Chad Post’s keynote to the IPA Congress in Cape Town addresses the numerous paradoxes in contemporary publishing and prescribes taking a new, engaged attitude.

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PEN World Voices: Make it New, Make it International (Dammit)!


Chad Post of Open Letter Books criticizes the PEN World Voices festival for a lack of foreign content, bad planning, and no focus–and offers his ideal vision.

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What Was Your Top Translated Book of the Last Year?

Were you to give your own award to a translated book from the last year, who would win? Tell us a little about your top pick.

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Ingrid Winterbach’s Novel Leaves You Aching for the Dramatic Denouement


Ingrid Winterbach’s new novel translated from the Afrikaans, The Book of Happenstance, leaves the reading waiting for a resolution or dramatic action that never comes.

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The Three Percent Problem Available as an E-book, Buy on Friday

The Three Percent Problem: Rants and Responses on Publishing, Translation, and the Future of Reading is now available as a $2.99 e-book.

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Want More Rights Deals/Translations? Court Editors with Culture

From the PP archives, Chad Post of Open Letter Books says the best way to get more translations is to take editors abroad and “court them with culture.”

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