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Is Barnes & Noble’s Nook Expanding to Brazil?

barnes and noble

An email to Brazilian publishers suggested that Barnes & Noble plans to start selling ebooks in Brazil soon, but B&N has yet to confirm.

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Reports of Barnes & Noble’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

barnes and noble

B&N is being eulogized as a ‘dead man walking,’ but the company still has a firm foundation, including the Nook, and will be with us as long as we still have print.

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If Microsoft Takes Over Nook, What Next?

Remember these fancy tablet? They didn't sell.

Microsoft is said to have offered Barnes & Noble $1 billion to buyout the Nook Media business. Where would that leave the retailer going forward?

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Ether for Authors: AWP’s Boston Foray, B&N’s Travails, McEwan’s Doubts

Near Boston, Revolutionary War battle re-enactors engage with latter-day Minute Men. iStockphoto/Sphraner

Porter Anderson’s weekly round-up of writerly buzz from around the web previews this week’s AWP conference in Boston, B&N’s bad news, Ian McEwan’s doubts about fiction and more.

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Has The Time for Ereaders Come and Gone?

French language Kindle

Several newspapers suggest that disappointing sales of ereaders over the holidays in deference to booming tablet sales marks the end of the ereader boom.

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My Favorite Literary Feud of 2012: Tolstoy Gets Nook’ed

Leo Tolstoy had no idea what a Nook was, and yet...

Superior Formatting Publishing offered a version of War and Peace, through B&N’s Nook store, but a find/replace error changed the word Kindle to Nook throughout.

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Don’t Shout Too Loud, Amazon Might Hear

bookshout homepage

Dallas-based startup Bookshout is looking to disrupt the current e-book ecosystem with its new offering of Apple and Android mobile apps.

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B&N’s Big News: New Nook Tablets, Int’l Head, UK Retail Partners


Barnes & Noble announces new Nook Tablets and e-readers in the UK, plus Nook Video service, more retail partners and new International Business Manager.

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Amazon’s Appstore Arrives in Europe; B&N Announces New Nook Retailers

Barnes and Noble Nook

American bookselling giants have their eyes on foreign markets as they expand their offerings abroad.

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The Web vs. Apps for E-books, Which Will Win?


Your answer to the question of whether or not native apps or the open web should become the dominant distribution platform for books largely depends on what you value.

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