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A Photo Essay from the Riyadh International Book Fair

Classic East meets West

Roger Tagholm shares a few of the faces and places he experienced during a visit to the Riyadh International Book Fair (RIBF).

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Riyadh Int’l Book Fair Offers Window Into Closed World


Roger Tagholm reports from the Riyadh Int’l Book Fair, where his pre-conceptions about Saudi Arabia were challenged and cultures connected through books.

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In Jerusalem, A “Retreat” for Editors, Agents and Scouts

The 30th anniversary celebrations of the Zev Birger Jerusalem Fellowship at the Museum for Islamic Art on Monday February 19th, with (clockwise):
Esther Margolis, Yoel Kakov, Zev Birger's sons, Markus Dohle and Stefan von Holtzbrinck.

Copyright Dudi Saad

For the 30th Jerusalem Book Fair Fellowship Program, 35 alumni — editors, agents and scouts — joined 39 new fellows for a week of professional networking.

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Publishing in the Maghreb Challenged by Colonial Legacy


Publishing in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco still struggles to forge a market and identity distinct from that of its French forebears.

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Saqi Books Will Once Again Be Publishing in English

Al Saqi logo

The Bookseller reports that Saqi Books will be resume its English-language publishing program with plans to release as many as ten titles per year.

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Considering Alternate Views of “Je Suis Charlie”

Sudanese/Egyptian author Leila Aboulela, left, with former Random House UK International Sales Director Simon Littlewood.

The discussion of the murders in Paris includes those who disagree with Charlie Hebdo’s agenda even as they respect the cartoonists right to expression.

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How Qatari Literary Life is Growing and Sprouting Branches

Claudia Lux, Project Director of Qatart National Libhrary.

A vigorous program is in place to enhance the literary life of Qatar, including strong investment in the National Library and support for publishers.

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Doha International Book Fair Gives Qatari Readers Hope

Busy trade in manga on the Kinokuniya stand.

Though the Doha International Book Fair opened under the cloud of the killings in France, it proved interest in reading is growing in the oil rich country.

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Sharjah: A Book Fair Focused on Cultural Connections

SIBF entrance

The Sharjah International Book Fair is focused on forging cultural connections and fighting Muslim extremism through books.

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Why is Sharjah Investing So Much in Its Book Fair?

Dinner in a desert wadi is one of the attractions for invited international guests.

The Sharjah Book Fair may seem to indulge foreign visitors with excessive perks, but it’s all for the good and growth of the Emirate.

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