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How to Make A Big Bang in Book-to-Film

Lisa Bruce

Lisa Bruce spent years working on the film, The Theory of Everything, before convincing the author to sell the rights to the original memoir.

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Border Crossers: The Here/There Memoirs

Handling the Truth

Beth Kephart, author of Handling the Truth — a guide to writing memoir — discusses several of her favorite border-crossing writers and the art of geomorphology.

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Lance Armstrong and His Publishers Sued for Fraud, False Advertising

...but it's all about the money.

Two California men have sued Lance Armstrong and his book publishers for fraud and false advertising, claiming that Armstrong’s two best-selling memoirs were bunk.

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Fact or Fiction, Is One Better at Presenting the Truth of Trauma?

two books black and white

In nonfiction, people traumatized by events might be inclined to soften the details as a form of self-protection. Fiction may simply be safer and more tender.

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Why We Publish Whistleblowers

Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic

Neal Maillet, Editorial Director of Berrett-Koehler explains why it’s a publisher’s duty to take on books that challenge convention despite the risks.

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What Makes a BEA Buzz Book? Curiosity, Soul, Voice

Panorama City

What really goes into making a BEA buzz book? Authorial obsessions, personal histories, medical redemption, the art and deliberate artifice of voice.

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Pirate Version of George Bush Memoir Causes Dispute in China

A Chinese pirated version of George W. Bush’s memoir, Decision Points, sparked controversy about its authenticity what is lost in the Chinese translation.

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Cool Idea: Five-year “Anniversary” of Memoir Prompts Book Party

By Rachel Aydt Last Friday night, at the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the book GirlBomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir, by Janice Erlbaum, […]

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Memoirs: The Yin to Twitter’s Yang

Franz Wisner, author and founder of Story-Driven Ink — a new online writing workshop — on why he’s bullish on the future of the memoir. Editorial by […]

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Wen Huang’s “Coffin Keeper” in the Paris Review

By Edward Nawotka Our good friend and frequent contributor Wenguang Huang has published excerpt of his forthcoming memoir in the new issue of The Paris […]

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