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Is Amazon’s Philanthropy Really Marketing in Disguise?

Amazon Kindle

Should the organizations supported by Amazon’s giving be suspicious of Amazon’s intent? Or should they just smile and say thanks?

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Central European Crime Wave Sweeps Publishing


Crime writers from Hungary, Poland, and throughout Central Europe are making their way into English. Will they prove as popular as the Scandinavians?

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Melville House’s “HybridBook” Marries Print and Digital

Demonstrating how print and digital can co-exist, Melville House has launched HybridBooks featuring QR codes that offer readers supplemental material.

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Book Review: The Lake by Banana Yoshimoto (Japan)

By Gwendolyn Dawson The Lake, the latest novel by well-known Japanese novelist Banana Yoshimoto, is an enigmatic love story told from the first-person perspective of […]

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Hot Eye Pop: Surveying the Good and Bad in Book Trailers

The best — and most innovative — book trailers can attract thousands or even millions of viewers. We talk to several experts about what works […]

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WIN Three Novellas from Melville House – the German Book Office’s Book(s) of the Month!

All books have now been given away. Thank you to everyone who entered! For August, the German Book Office is featuring three novellas from Melville […]

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Melville House on How to Market Foreign Fiction by a Dead Author

By Chip Rossetti I want to thank Ed for letting me take a turn guest-editing Publishing Perspectives while he takes a well-deserved break — even […]

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Invite Recap: Will I See You On the Party Circuit at BEA?

By Erin L. Cox On May 5th, I wrote a blog post shamelessly asking for Book Expo America party invites.  I have been asked for some […]

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Introducing the Mobys: Book Trailer Awards

By Edward Nawotka There was a time when “book trailers” were, by and large, ad hoc and amateurish. Today, they are often slick little professional […]

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Frogs in a Well: Literary Life in North Korea

By Edward Nawotka North Korea is without a doubt among the most mysterious of countries, which begs the question: What kind of literary life is […]

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