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Facebook Marketing Tactics for Book and Media Businesses


Facebook marketing specialists Qwaya offer tips on making the most of marketing and advertising for publishers on the ubiquitous social media platform.

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“The Story on Story” Video Series Offers Insights from Experts

The Story on Story

Seattle-based marketing company Vignette’s series of videos, The Story on Story, offers conversations with experts about the craft and commerce of telling stories.

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Should Books Tell You How Long They Will Take to Read?

man reading a book

Would putting the estimated number of hours it would take a reader to finish a book right there on the jacket be a good marketing tool? Or put readers off?

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LBF 2012: “Listen and Respond” on Social Media

Left to right: Joe Pickering, Julia Lampam, Tom Hall

A panel on social media at the London Book Fair tells publishers they can’t afford not be engaged on various social media platforms.

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Is Amazon’s Philanthropy Really Marketing in Disguise?

Amazon Kindle

Should the organizations supported by Amazon’s giving be suspicious of Amazon’s intent? Or should they just smile and say thanks?

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Amazon’s Trojan Horse

Bryce Milligan finds wisdom in Bob Dylan's lyrics, just don't buy it on Amazon

Publisher Bryce Milligan asks whether Amazon’s philanthropy may ultimately be buying silence from the very organizations that would be its most vocal critics.

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Staples Asks: Do You Read Faster than the National Average?


Staples, to promote its e-readers, asks you to read a page from classic novels to see your reading speed, how long your e-reader will last, and how you rate.

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Please Don’t Use “The” Before Kindle or Nook

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are on a mission to drop ‘the’ and other articles from references to their Kindle and Nook platforms and devices. Really?

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The Autumn of Brian Selznick All Around the World

The film of Brian Selznick’s new novel, Wonderstruck is being published on September 13th by Scholastic Press simultaneously across the English-speaking world.

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Why “World Rights, One Cover” Is Not the Best Idea

There’s been a lot of talk about the end of territorial rights, experience suggests that wouldn’t be such a good thing for the author or the books.

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