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“Slash Fiction” Thrives in China, Despite Government Crackdowns

Copies of Japanese boys’ love novels seized during the raid in Henan Province.

China’s crack down “slash fiction” and pornographic graphic novels hasn’t stifled the flow of material or its popularity.

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The Love Lives of Japanese Literary Giants Get Manga-ized

(Photo: Ashai)

The latest popular trend in manga looks at the sometimes unconventional romances and culinary habits of some of Japan’s greatest writers.

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Why Do Americans Shun European Comics?

Tin Tin is one of relatively few BD widely known, but not necessarily read, in the United States.

Japanese manga has proven popular in America, but Franco-Belgian bande dessinée, which has a long a tradition and are just as appealing, remain ignored. Why?

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Will Manga Sell in India and Other Nontraditional Markets?


US manga titan Viz Media is seeking growth in non-traditional manga markets and is launching its first list in India, after starting in the Philippines this year. Will it work?

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Cultivating Japan’s E-book Market

The e-book market in Japan remains small, but publishers and technology experts discussed how to grow the market at the E-Book Expo in Tokyo.

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Japanese E-book Moves: Multiple Collaborative Platforms Planned

By Emily Williams Japan’s e-book market, which has been strong on the manga side and for user-created content but nearly non-existent when it comes to […]

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Digitizing Double Page Explosions: London Looks at Comics as E-books

By Liz Bury LONDON: The Comics & Graphic Novels Pavilion, complete with Comics Café, made its debut at the the London Book Fair this year. […]

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German Buch News: Call for Book Ratings, Mobile Manga

By Siobhan O’Leary As first reported in Der Spiegel, SPD (Social Democratic Party) politician Sebastian Edathy is calling for the formation of a voluntary rating […]

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