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Why Book Publishers Need to Think Like Amazon

Rakesh Satyal

Two branding experts argue that the future for publishers lies in going direct to consumer, offering examples of companies that have succeeded.

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SURVEY: Which of the US Big Six Will Be First to Merge?

question mark survey

It has become a common meme in publishing that in 2-3 years we’ll see one of the US Big Six publishers merge with another. Which will it be?

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Brendan Deneen Takes Macmillan From Publisher to Producer

What profitable, forward-thinking publishing house would not want to run its very own film/TV production company?

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Attorney Suing Apple Over E-books Says Evidence is “Circumstantial”

Steve Berman, the attorney suing Apple over price fixing e-books, says all current evidence is circumstantial.

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German Self-Publishing, Where Innovation Meets Angst

In Germany old publishing habits die hard. But the country’s burgeoning self-publishing industry is challenging the status quo.

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8 Lessons from the UK’s World E-Reading Congress

Some things bear repeating, and repeating and repeating… By Roger Tagholm LONDON: Dedicated e-readers could die out within five years, killed off by the rise […]

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The Most Dramatic Publishing Event of 2010? Easy, the Introduction of Agency Pricing for E-books

By Mike Shatzkin, CEO, the Idea Logical Company The most dramatic event in publishing in 2010? That’s easy. It was the face-down between five of […]

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Germany’s Big Publishers Yet To Sign on with Apple’s iPad

By Siobhan O’Leary Germany’s largest publishers have not been as quick to embrace the iPad as their American counterparts. As reported in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, […]

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Amazon May “Capitulate” to Macmillan’s Demands

By Edward Nawotka The battle may already be over in the burgeoning saga of Amazon v. Macmillan (standing in for the rest of the publishing […]

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Author Cory Doctorow on Amazon vs. Macmillan

By Erin L. Cox According to an article in The New York Times, Amazon has pulled all Macmillan books from their site (or removed the […]

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