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Is Your Editor Worth It? Or Not?

Jim Dempsey is an associate editor at

If you’re thinking of employing an editor for your novel, take a look at this detailed list to help you decide if the editor is worth it. Or not.

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Burmese Publishing Recovering from Bribery, Turmoil

Bones Will Crow

James Byrne surveys Burmese literature as it has evolved beyond mass censorship, and sees reasons for cautious optimism.

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Atticus Lish’s Superb Tale Re-imagines American Immigration


In the novel, Preparation for the Next Life (Tyrant Books), author Atticus Lish offers a contemporary American immigration story set in Flushing, Queens.

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After Rights Struggle, Murakami Permits Bengali Translation

Haruki Murakami

The Bengali translator of Kafka on the Shore recounts the challenges of convincing Haruki Murakami and his minders to allow the translation.

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Do Russian Readers Judge a Classic by its Cover?

Great Gatsby published by Azbuka

An article at RBTH looks at how Russian publishers are using that new cover designs to help bring new readers to classic literature.

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Liu Ruilin on Imaginist Press and China’s Publishing Future

Holger Volland, left, with Liu Ruilin of Imaginist press.

Liu Ruilin discusses her innovative Beijing-based publishing house Imaginist Press and shares her views on design, culture and China’s publishing future.

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Nathan L. Brown: The Self-Publishing Poet Laureate

Nathan Brown

Oklahoma’s former Poet Laureate Nathan Brown discusses how his career was transformed by his decision to transition into self-publishing, tripling sales.

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Books That Get Us Excited: The World Between Two Covers

The World Between Two Covers

Blogger Ann Morgan read 197 books—one from each UN recognized nation plus Taiwan—and her work has now been compiled into a new book to be published in May.

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UK Publishers Discuss Favorite Books of 2014

The Miniaturist

The Guardian looks back on 2014 from the perspective of a long list of British publishers, asking, what books made their year?

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In China: Top 10 Titles Tackling New Territory, Translations

Death Fugue sheng Keyi

Time Out Shanghai offers a top 10 list of new Chinese books that defy cliché, while Bruce Humes lists the most influential translations of 2014.

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