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Bookcase Literary Agency Makes a Global Splash with Self-Publishing

Flavia Viotti and Meire Dias, co-founders of the Bookcase Literary Agency in Brazil

Brazil’s Bookcase Literary Agency has made a name for itself after just one year in business by connecting talented, independent authors with international publishers.

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Finland, Very Cool: “A Huge Success” in Frankfurt

Sofi Oksanen, one of Finland's star authors, embodied the theme of Finland. Cool.

Finland was a hugely successful Guest of Honor country at the Frankfurt Book Fair, prompting more than 7,500 news articles and numerous rights deals.

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“You can’t just put stuff into English”

Frankfurt Book Fair Literary Agents and Scouts Center

Literary agents respond to Richard Charkin’s provocation that international publishers should put out their own English editions rather than selling the English rights.

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Life and Death at Frankfurt

Barbara Zitwer

Literary agent Barbara J. Zitwer reflects on the pivotal role the Frankfurt Book Fair has played in her life and career.

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Calling for Literary Agent Transparency in the UK

Agent Hunter

Too little information is available to aspiring writers in the UK regarding literary agents, argues Harry Bingham, so a movement has started to bring transparency.

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4 Tips to Survive, Thrive in Frankfurt as a Foreign Rights Agent

Marleen Seegers small

Marleen Seegers of the 2 Seas Agency advises foreign rights agents attending Frankfurt to be prepared, stay late, try new things and, yes, don’t drink alcohol.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Claudia Wittman, Germany

Claudia Wittman, founder of The Wittmann Agency (photo by Sabine Münch)

Claudia Wittman, literary agent and founder of the Wittman Agency in Germany, talks about how her rights business manages the massive changes in the book publishing industry.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Marleen Seegers, USA

Marleen Seegers small

Marleen Seegers, co-founder of the 2 Seas Agency in California, talks about the challenge of building a literary agency brand, hot territories for foreign rights, and digital-first books in translation.

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What a Typical Week Looks Like at One UK Literary Agency

Andrew Lownie

UK literary agency Andrew Lownie outlines the range of activities he is involved with in a typical agency week, from the mundane and routine, to the offbeat and extraordinary.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Madeleine Milburn, UK

Madeleine Millburn, literary agent in London, UK

Madeleine Millburn, a literary agent from London, offers her view on which international markets offer the most opportunities and how digital publishing has impacted the rights business.

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