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Book Market Licensing Snapshots: Croatia and Israel

Seid Serdarević

Our regular series looking at what’s happening in a number of key publishing territories around the world peeks in on Croatia and Israel.

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Book Licensing Market Snapshots: North America and Denmark

Tom Chalmers

In a new series, IPR License’s Tom Chalmers looks at licensing issues in key publishing territories around the world. First up: North America and Denmark.

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Agent? Scout? Send Frankfurt Book Fair Your Old LitAg Photos

Literary Agents Center, Frankfurt Book Fair

To mark the 35th anniversary of the Literary Agents and Scouts Center, the Frankfurt Book Fair is asking for photo submissions from the Agents Center’s past.

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A Rogue By Any Other Name: What Was Learned?

Movable Type's Adam Chromy, left, and Jason Allen Ashlock were in Cleveland in October for the launch party of The Rogue Reader at the 2012 Bouchercon World Mystery Convention.

Porter Anderson’s wrap-up of Publishing Perspectives’ look at literary agents in digital transition pinpoints issues highlighted by The Rogue Reader project.

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The Agents’ View: A Case Study in Agent-Assisted Publishing

Jason Allen Ashlock

Movable Type literary agents Jason Allen Ashlock and Adam Chromy write of their experiences assisting The Rogue Reader authors in self-publishing their work.

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“My Agent By My Side”: An Author’s Assisted Publishing Experience

Cuzon, Ro large

Under the Carib Sun author Ro Cuzon’s essay describes journey to becoming a novelist and his experience in the agency-created Rogue Reader self-publishing program.

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How Close Can Today’s Agent-Author Relationships Be?

Rogue Reader Logo_black_2_fv

Given the upheaval in digital publishing and many authors’ entrepreneurial spirit, can today’s literary agents engage their clients’ art as they did in the past?

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Zimmerman Jury Member’s Book Deal Killed by Twitter

juror b37 tweet

Upset by the ‘not guilty’ verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial, one Twitter user started a campaign that ended Martin Literary Agency’s representation of Juror B37′s planned book.

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Ether for Authors: Agent Kristin Nelson Signs Self-Publishing Star Barbara Freethy

16 July 2013 Ether iStock_000002554106XSmall photog cglow Texted Story Image

Led by the news that Hugh Howey agent Kristin Nelson has signed self-publisher Barbara Freethy, who has sold 3 million books, the Ether looks at agent mystique.

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Two Experiments Running: Agent-Publishing in London

Route Master Bus

Literary agents Jonny Geller and Edina Imrik in London talk with Porter Anderson about Curtis Brown’s and Ed Victor’s author-publishing approaches.

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