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Curtis Brown: Love, Passion and a Century of Selling Rights

The Curtis Brown team celebrated the 100th anniversary of the literary agency in New York City

As Curtis Brown Ltd. celebrates its centenary anniversary, the firm’s CEO reflects on rights sales and the changing role of literary agents and authors today.

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How to Write a Good Non-fiction Book Proposal for Submission

Christian Jennings is a veteran foreign correspondent and the author of five books.

Veteran author Christian Jennings offers tips, techniques and strategies on how to write a good non-fiction book proposal for submission.

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Do Agents Publishing E-books Have a Conflict of Interest?

Anything that an agent can do to extend their services, backing their author, is valid, argues agent Ed Victor, who also runs Bedford Square Books.

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The Vision Behind MintRight’s Global E-book Distribution Platform

MintRight CEO Stanislav Mamonov explains how he built a truly global e-book conversion and distribution platform, why Europe is behind and Brazil’s booming.

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Does Turkish Publishing Offer a Model for Other Growth Markets?

Several key factors have contributed to Turkey’s rising profile on the global publishing scene, including Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Prize and a stint as Guest of […]

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Are US Publishers Using E-books to Undermine Territorial Rights?

By Liz Bury Frankfurt Book Fair veteran agent Andrew Nurnberg has raised the specter of e-book deals being used to undermine territorial rights in an […]

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