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Celebrating German-Israeli Relations Through Books

Israel Germany

Events at the book fairs in Jerusalem, Leipzig, Bologna and Frankfurt are honoring the Jubilee year of German-Israeli diplomatic and literary relations.

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Germany’s Small Presses: Gourmet Reading for Book Gluttons

Small press catalogs on display in Leipzig.

Germany’s small press scene is thriving, with an eclectic mix of ambitious publishers seeking out new authors, experimenting with formats and finding audiences.

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German Readers Finally Embracing Ebooks, Self-Publishing

Leipzig Book Fair, small

Discussions at this year’s Leipzig Book Fair proved that ebooks and self publishing are gaining wider acceptance in Germany, and readers are more open to digitization.

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PublishNews Brazil: Livrarias Curitiba’s Great Year, Brazil in Leipzig

LIvrarias Cuturbia

The latest publishing news from Brazil features bookseller Curitiba’s strong 2012 results, the Ministry of Culture’s resumes book promotion oversite, Brazilians at the Leipzig Book Fair, and more.

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Why Publishers’ Lack of Engagement With the Public Hurts Their Bottom Line

Publishers are too used to saying “no, no, no” and barring the gates of the industry from the public. That has got to change if […]

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Germany’s Audiobook Renaissance

Digitization and professionalization have significantly raised the profile — and sales — of audiobooks in Germany. By Amanda DeMarco If you want to send a […]

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Using Text to “Enhance” E-books and Other Insights from the 2011 Leipzig Book Fair

Germany’s second biggest book fair offers a barometer of what’s obsessing the world’s third largest publishing industry By Siobhan O’Leary LEIPZIG: Students from the HTWK […]

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Are Cheaper E-book Enhancements Better than Expensive Options?

Readers might just be more satisfied with inexpensive text extras than pricey games and video enhancements. By Edward Nawotka In today’s feature story about the […]

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Klein, Raulff, Blumenbach Win Leipzig Prizes

By Siobhan O’Leary The 2010 Preis der Leipziger Buchmesse (Leipzig Book Fair Prize) for fiction, non-fiction and translation were announced last week. Five titles per […]

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Leipzig Attracts 150,000+ Fairgoers, Exhibitors from 39 Countries

By Siobhan O’Leary The Leipzig Book Fair came to a close on Sunday and organizers announced a significant increase in visitors over last year. Some […]

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