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Educating Amazon: Brazil Gov’t Seeks Suitors for School Ebooks


Contrary to many recent press reports Amazon does not have an exclusive deal to distribute digital books to the lucrative Brazilian education market.

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To Tango, Flamenco and Samba: Penguin Random House Merger with Santillana

A map depicting Santillana's worldwide footprint.

The Penguin Random House deal to absorb Santillana’s trade lines has serious implications for the Spanish-book market, but the outlier in the deal is Brazil.

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Is Barnes & Noble’s Nook Expanding to Brazil?

barnes and noble

An email to Brazilian publishers suggested that Barnes & Noble plans to start selling ebooks in Brazil soon, but B&N has yet to confirm.

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LATin: South America’s Open Education Publishing Project


Can open source textbooks help students to forgo photocopies in favor of required texts in Latin America? The bold open source LATin project aims to find out.

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International Indie Booksellers Look to Americans for Strategy

Sophie Saint-Marc of Alire in France was particularly impressed with the American booksellers' engagement with their communities.

Booksellers as far away as New Zealand, Guatemala and Denmark joined the ABA’s Winter Institute to talk shop and pick up tips about better bookselling.

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Literal: America’s Newest Bilingual and Spanish Book Publisher

Yo Con Literal

Literal magazine, the well-regarded English and Spanish literature magazine literature, has expanded into bilingual and Spanish-language books by Latin American writers.

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The Vikings of Brazil

Pasi Lohman

We interview São Paulo-based literary agent Pasi Loman who specializes in selling book rights between Brazilian and Scandinavian publishers.

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Writing is “Facing Up to Reality,” say Grossman, Vargas Llosa

David Grossman and Mario Vargas Llosa engaged in a spirited discussion during the first day of FIL Guadalajara, where Israel is the Guest of Honor.

Writing should be about confronting issues to provoke change, said Israel’s David Grossman to Nobel Prize-winner Mario Vargas Llosa at the FIL in Guadalajara.

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Argentina’s Bookstores Thrive Despite Digital Challenges

Eterna Cadencia is both a popular bookstore and a publisher.

Despite the growth of online bookselling and a 7X increase in the number of ebooks, Argentina’s 2,256 bookstores are still responsible for 80% of annual book sales.

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Can Latin America’s Music Biz Still Teach Publishing Something?

Opción Música

The print book business in Latin America remains dominant, but digital is rising. Are there lessons to be learned from the music business? Several Argentine music pros weigh in.

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