Win a Virtual Gold Medal for Learning English

In German Buch News by Siobhan O'Leary

By Siobhan O’Leary Foreign language dictionary publisher Langenscheidt is testing out the social media waters by offering a new free Facebook language course application. Those who sign up for the Englisch in 5 Minuten app will receive new lessons every two days which can be downloaded as PDFs and also include an audio component. The reward for finishing? A virtual …

How to Become a Bestseller in Europe: Write in English, German, French and…Swedish?

In English Language by Guest Contributor

By Rüdiger Wischenbart This may sound like an odd question to ask: Are books diverse? Sure! With hundreds of thousands of new titles published every year in the US, over 90,000 in Germany, and a “Long Tail” of millions of titles available to readers and buyers online, there are more books distributed and, arguably, read than ever before in history. That …

Are Graphic Novels Ideally Suited to Digital?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

by Edward Nawotka Today’s lead story by Alex de Campi describes the publication of Valentine, a serialized, digital-first graphic novel that is being translated and published simultaneously in 14 languages. It’s an amazing feat, and one that makes sense when one considers the relatively small amount of text on the typical page of a graphic novel. At the same time, …

The Digital Book in Practice: Valentine’s 14 Languages, Multiple Formats, Wireless Delivery

In Digital by Guest Contributor


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